1726 Music Venues for OREGON AND WASHINGTON, USA

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 1201 Cafe & Lounge
Acoustic jazz/folk joint/kitschy cocktail music 2-4 nights/wk.; cap. 150, no house sound.    (1)

 17 Nautical Miles
Small All ages alt rock club.    (2)

 1890's Inn
Folk venue    (3)

 2218 Restaurant & Lounge
Jazz joint.    (4)

 2nd Street Bar & Grill
Bars; Cocktail Lounges; Restaurants...    (5)

 3-B Tavern
Rock acts...    (6)

 45th Street Pub
Wednesday night Jam, all kinds of music Jam. 9:30 till 1:30AM. Blues, rock on weekends. House mains. No Stage. No carpet.    (7)

 5th Avenue Theatre
Bluegrass/folk jams; nationals all genres.    (9)

The  700 Club
(Above Jersey's Sports Bar) Jazz, blues...    (10)

 Acapulco's Gold, NW
Acoustic blues singles, and alt rock bands in the ''Panama Redrum'' 3-4 nights/wk.    (11)

 Acapulco's Gold, SW
Occasional acoustic duos/singles    (12)

 Adriatica Restaurant
Jazz joint...    (15)

 Aladdin Theatre
588-seat auditorium, was a movie theatre, books folk and blues acts nationally, some local--has PA-lights    (16)

Some Jazz/pop; every friday and saturday night: jeroan van aichen & tim ellis 10 pm...    (17)

 Albany Civic Theater
One of the oldest, best-known community theaters in Oregon.    (18)

 Alexander`s, Hilton Hotel
Piano bar with Jim Fischer (jimf@pacifier.com)    (21)

 Ali Baba`s Casbah
DJs, jazz, R&B, Mid-Eastern music...    (22)

 Alibi Restaurant & Lounge
Defected to karaoke...boo-hoo... :-( - Occasional live music...    (23)

The  Alki Tavern
Some blues on weekends; rock shows...    (24)

 Alligator Soul
acoustic blues Wed., jazz weekends.    (26)

 American Legion Hall
Acoustic Jam session Mondays, 6:30-ish to 8:30-ish pm.    (27)

jazz joint.    (28)

Live jazz Sun. AM    (29)

 Andy's Inn
Country jam Sundays...    (30)

Jazz joint.    (31)

 Angie's Tavern
Blues joint, some jazz.    (32)

 Annie's Coffee Company
Some acoustic folk...    (33)

 Antique Sandwich
Bluegrass/folk jams; acoustic acts.    (34)

The  Arch
Alt rock Fri., ALL AGES    (35)

 Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall
A venue of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Capacity: 2700 seats. Home of the Oregon Symphony; national acts all genres    (36)

 Armadillo Crossing
Acoustic blues, country; tex-mex cuisine.    (37)

The  Art Bar
Local music most nights of the week, jazz, blues, alternative rock, hip hop...    (40)

 Art in the Pearl
Annual multi-block fair in the oldtown area of Northwest Portland between Burnside and Glisan streets. All genres of music, lots of food and, of course, ART. Labor Day weekend.    (41)

 Art in the Vineyard
Festival    (42)

 Art, Wine, Cheese, & All That Jazz
2nd weekend of June    (43)

Also: http://www.teleport.com/~samc/art/quake1.html    (45)

 Arts Center of Pendleton
Blue Mountain Folklore Society holds concerts here...    (46)

 Ashland Creek Bar & Grill
Live music mainly Thurs, Fri & Sat nights, Wide variety of bands: Rock, Alternative, Pop, Funk, Punk, Bluegrass, some Acoustic. Cater to primarily college crowd. Seats 100 but can hold overflow of up to 300 on outdoor deck.    (48)

 Ashland Folk Music Club
Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk, Celtic, Blues, Bluegrass, Cajun/Zydeco, World Music, Contra Dancing, Morris Dancing, Barn Dancing, Country Dancing, Children``s; 1 or 2 times a month    (49)

 Ashland Folklore Society

Some blues, acoustic folk...    (51)

 Auburn's Best Annex
Wide variety of music ranging from punk to alternative rock to ska...    (53)

 Audubon Center
Oregon Bluegrass Association jam first Sundays, 12:30 to 4:30 p.m.    (54)

 Avenue One
Jazz joint...    (55)

 Aviemore Bar & Grille
Alt rock/pop...    (56)

Jazz joint...    (57)

Jazz joint    (58)

 B & O Expresso
Blues and jazz Sat.; Bluegrass/folk jams    (60)

 B. Figueroa
Jazz joint.    (61)

 B. Moloch Heathman Bakery & Pub
Jazz    (62)

Jazz solos and duos...    (63)

 Back Alley Tavern
NO LONGER IN BIZ...    (64)

'Various artists, national acts.' (Cap. 450)...    (65)

 Bad Albert's
Blues joint, full bar.    (66)

 Baldy's Roadhouse
Jazz & blues, country...    (67)

 Ballard Eagles Hall
Every Thursday is a Contra dance with Old Time music bands.    (68)

The  Baltic Room
Live music every other night, films on Mondays and a jazz jam on Sunday nights.    (70)

 Banana Belt Old Time Fiddle Contest
October 10-11, 1997    (72)

Latin jazz, flamenco...    (73)

 Bar 71
$5 cover Fr-Sa; Cutting edge dance music DJs, some live music... 10 p.m.-a.m. Fr-Sa.    (74)

 Barlow Trail Inn
Sporadic rock & roll, blues, country bands on weekends, 200 cap.    (76)

 Bauhaus Books & Coffee
'Part bookstore, part coffeehouse, and sometime live performance venue.'    (77)

Occasional blues/rock, classic rock    (78)

Live rock for the drinking 20-something    (79)

The  Bean
[SEE SNAKE & WEASEL]    (80)

The  Beanery, Ashland
Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk, Blues, Country, Alternative, Rock/Pop, Jazz, Comedy; 3 nites/wk.    (81)

The  Beanery, Corvallis
Some alt rock/folk on weekends...    (82)

Alt rock shows...(formerly Paddywhack's).    (84)

'Various artists, open mike Weds nights.' Poetry, performance, beer & wine.    (85)

 Beaverton Good Neighbor Days
Second week of August annually/ also Michelle Young-224-9519    (86)

 Becko's Pub
Bluegrass/folk jams    (87)

 Bedazzled Discs
Rock and folk acts...    (88)

 Beech House Pub
Jazz Tu-Th, bluegrass/folk jams, blues    (89)

 Bella Union
Bar, regional and nationals...Italian & American cuisine, great atmosphere, friendly staff, saloon in center    (90)

 Bellevue Jazz Festival

 Bellingham Festival of Music
Several venues in Ocean Shores; concerts, rehearsals, and lectures focusing on orchestral, chamber and jazz music    (92)

 Belltown Billiards
Jazz joint...    (93)

 Benaroya Symphony Hall
Home of the Seattle Symphony and Pacific Northwest Ballet...    (94)

 Benchwarmer Pub & Grill
Jazz joint    (95)


 Benson Hotel Lobby Court
Jazz venue Fr-Sa, 75 cap.    (97)

 Benton County Fair & Rodeo
Last weekend of July or first week of August. Country music and national rock bands. Of course, there's animal cruelty, too...    (98)

 Berbati`s Pan
Alt. rock, reggae, jazz, Mo-Su, 350 cap., some nationals; PA, lights, stage    (99)

 Bertha Station
Occasional acoustic folk...    (100)

 Beso del Sol
Latin music Sat.    (101)

 Best Bet
Occasional blues acts, some rock    (102)

 Best Cellar Coffee House
Regional acoustic folk weekends...    (103)

 Biddy McGraw`s
Irish pub, live music on weekends, reggae on Sundays. Irish jam Wed.    (106)

 Big Bite Cafe
Sometimes blues, jazz Sat., Sun.    (107)

 Big Duke's
Live top 40, R&B, pop, restaurant, full bar.    (110)

 Big River Restaurant & Bar
Wide variety of music every Friday night.    (111)

 Bijou Cafe
New Music Guild venue, once every two or three months    (112)

The  Bistro
Contact: Joanna Moogk, Caty Haber; Some acoustic folk, rock...    (114)

The  Bite of Portland
Usually 2nd weekend of August, benefits Oregon Special Olympics    (115)

The  Bite of Seattle
Mid-July, 6 stages, all music types    (116)

 Black Box Coffee House
Black Box has been in Business for two years and has a very succesful venue. However we have not yet entered the domain of electronica and have stuck mostly with the alternative/Ska scene.    (117)

 Blackberry Jam Festival
Held the weekend of July 24th, 25th, and 26th (``98)--Annual Festival. Numerous craft exhibits, music ranging from Rock to Gospel, Funk, Acoustic, Jazz. Carnival, pie eating contest, square dance exhibition, kiting...    (119)

 Blinn`s Boathouse
Jazz piano W-Sa    (120)

 Blossom Festival
2nd week of May    (121)

 Blue Dolphin
blues joint    (122)

 Blue Door
Alt rock and folk acts...    (123)

 Blue Heart Cafe
Downstairs of Melody Ballroom, folk acts, some national, 300 cap.    (124)

 Blue Heron Art Center
Bluegrass/folk jams, blues    (125)

 Blue Heron Blues Fest
Mid-August (under St. John's Bridge)    (126)

 Blue Lagoon

 Blue Lake Park Concert Series
c/o Showman, Inc. (booked for '95)    (128)

 Blue Mountain Tavern
Blues venue w/regional + nationals    (130)

 Blue Pine Pub
Acoustic blues Th-Sa    (131)

The  Blueline Lounge
Various live music    (132)

 Blues at Benbow
September    (133)

 Blues Bouquet
Blues joint    (134)

 Boccherini's Coffee & Tea House
Coffeehouse    (135)

 Bodacious Classics
Occasional blues; formerly B.C.'s    (136)

 Bogey Bar & Grill
blues venue    (137)

 Bogey`s Bar & Grill
Variety bands weekends, tend to favor country. Usually running DJs & karaoke...    (138)

The  Bohemian
Live R&B, reggae, full bar, dinner.    (139)

Blues, rock    (140)

 Borders Books & Music, Seattle
Acoustic folk acts Saturdays & Sundays...    (142)

 Borders Books, Portland
Acoustic regional acts with some nationals, some bands on selected days of the month, usually Sat. or Sun. or both.    (143)

 Borders Books, Tacoma
Bluegrass/folk jams    (144)

 Borders Books, Tukwila
Bluegrass/folk jams    (145)

 Boundry Bay Brewery & Bistro

 Brandy`s, Vancouver
Blues, jazz weekends    (148)

 Brasserie Montmartre
Jazz duos Sun.-Th., trios-quartets Fr-Sa, occaisional nationals, 150 cap.    (149)

 Bray's Lounge
Country rock, blues...    (150)

The  Breadline
blues joint    (151)

 Breakers Beach Club
Top 40 weekends & country dancing...(cap. 1000)    (152)

 Brewed Awakenings
Some acoustic folk...    (155)

 Brick Street Bar & Grill
Live jazz, rock, food, bar.    (156)

The  Brick

 Bridgeport Brew Pub
Blues, folk, jazz, R&B Sat. only and 1st Thursday/mo., Tuesdays, beer brewery. Chamber Music on Tap during fall and winter.    (158)

 Britt Festivals
Since 1962, world renowned artists perform classical, folk/county, and jazz music and musical theatre and dance from mid-June through early September. 'Extraordinary outdoor music pavilion, outstanding artists of all genres, unbeatable experience!'    (159)

 Broadway Grill
Jazz joint.    (160)

The  Broadway New American Grill
Jazz joint    (161)

 Broadway Performance Hall
Bluegrass/folk jams    (162)

 Broadway Saloon
Music Fri. various, open mike Sun.    (163)

 Bronze, Blues & Brews Festival
Art, microbrews and plenty of blues, usually the second week of August. Ticket Prices are: $15 Advance and $18 at the gate. Kids age 10 and under are free. No Coolers and no dogs in the park please.    (164)

 Browne's Star Grill
Blues    (165)

Blues    (166)

 Buffalo Gap Saloon
Acoustic rock, folk, soft jazz, pop; cap. 85; has piano, no stage.    (168)

 Buffalo Music Hall
National & regional acts. 'The Armory in Ashland is in bankruptcy, that is why I had to close The Buffalo Music Hall I am not sure at this point what is going on.' - Melody Bynum    (169)

 Bullie's Oyster Bar & Restaurant

 Bull's Eye
Sports lounge, live rock 7 nites    (171)

Applications: Feb. 15, first week of Sept. Over 200 bands, performers for a week in September.    (172)

 Buongusto Ristorante
Piano bar    (173)

The  Burning Sun
Actually a guy's house used for punk shows...    (174)

 Burnside Bean Coffee Club
Friday and Saturday nights, from 8pm to closing, the Bean has live acoustic acts--ranging from acoustic guitar, violin, and marimba, to poetry readings and comedy acts. Kids`` music Sat. 1-2 pm.    (175)

 Burrito Heaven Tequila Bar
Music during week, open mic Mondays.    (176)

 Bushtucker Pub & Grill
Some rock bands on weekends...    (177)

 Cactus Jack's
One-man bands    (179)

 Cadillac Grill
blues joint    (180)

 Cafe Al Mundo
Folk music...    (181)

 Cafe Lena
Poetry venue, too, acoustic blues, folk, cap. 50; no equipment.    (182)

 Cafe Lucia
Classical acoustic solos, duos...    (183)

 Cafe Paradiso, Bend
Live entertainment F/Sa    (184)

 Cafe Paradiso, Eugene

 Cafe Paradiso, Seattle
'Open mike Thursdays/Various artists.' ALL AGES    (186)

 Cafe Pinceau
Acoustic blues & jazz; ALL AGES; Great little non-smoking,intimate hide-a-way on the Sound.    (187)

 Cafe Renaissance
Folk, blues,acoustic    (188)

 Cafe Septieme
Latin jazz...    (189)

 Cafe Sol
Acoustic jazz, Latin, flamenco weekends.    (190)

 Cafe Sophie
Jazz.    (191)

 Cafe Uniontown
Live music nightly ranging from classical piano to jazz and folk music.    (192)

 Caffe Uno
Acoustic folk brunch...    (193)

 Calamity Jae's
Rock bands Fr-Sa; all you can eat BBQ, Su music, 4 p.m.    (194)

 Candlelight Cafe & Bar
Blues 7 nights/wk., jams Sun.-Thurs., main blues joint in town; no stage, mains; cap. 150    (195)

Jazz joint.    (196)

 Cannon Beach Arts Assoc.
Summer concerts    (197)

The  Cantina Club
Blues, reggae, rock    (198)

 Cape Fear Music
Alt. rock weekends    (199)

 Capitol Bar & Grill
Bluegrass/folk jams    (200)

 Capitol Theater
*If you are in an ORIGINAL punk or related band, send me a promo pack with 3 to 4 months notice and I will try to get you a show on the date you are looking for. I'll try to get you on a bill with some popular local bands. (Capacity: 350)    (201)

 Captain Cook's
Local talent most nights. Sports, live music, food.    (202)

Pacific Development'  Carousel Courtyard
Jack Nulson: 503-238-0012    (204)

 Cascade Restaurant
Blues weekends    (205)

 Cascade Bar & Grill
Blues, R&B bands, occasional nationals, Tu-Sa, 150 cap.; jam Tues.    (206)

 Casino Bar & Grill

 Castle Rock
R&B, Dance Music, Comedy, Live Shows.    (208)

 Caswell Coffee House
Neo-folk acoustic, cap. 40    (209)

 Cathedral Park Jazz Festival
Portland's oldest and largest free jazz festival, held the 3rd weekend of July, with regional and national acts.    (210)

 Catlin-Gable School
Summer Chamber Music concerts    (211)

 Cavanaugh's Inn Terrace Garden
Jazz    (212)

 Cavanaugh's Richland
Booking mostly top 40/dance bands.    (213)

 Cedar Inn
Blues    (214)

 Cedar River
Bluegrass/folk jams...    (215)

 Cedar River Brewery
Jazz joint...    (216)

 Cedar Valley Grange
Bluegrass/folk jams    (217)

 Central Oregon Community College
Various music performance genres    (218)

 Central Saloon
Reviving blues and reggae again...(Cap. 200)...    (219)

 Central Tavern & Cafe
Metal, rock acts, DJ Sun-Tues.    (220)

The  Centrum
Performing Arts Center...    (221)

 Century Ballroom
Capacity: 300; Live music mostly swing, latin & zydeco other: 21+ only. Beer & wine served. Non-smoking venue...    (222)

 CFS Song Circle
Folksinger's song circle 1st Tuesdays    (223)

Occasional blues/R&B, special occaisions    (224)

 Champoeg Under the Stars
National acts June-Sept., various genres; I-5 South, Aurora Exit, follow signs 6 miles.    (225)

 Chaps & Spurs
Country Music    (226)

 Charlie's Mountain View
Seasonal blues, R&B Fr-Sa (ski season, Mt. Hood)    (227)

Blues, R&B on weekends...    (228)

 Cheers II

 Chemeketa Community College
Occasional musical shows...    (231)

 Chicago Street Station
Occaisonal one-man bands    (232)

Great local blues, rock, funk, pizza, no cover. Live R&B Fri & Sat, restaurant, full bar.    (233)

The  China Hut
Country, rock, Fr-Su...Country jam Sunday early evening with Westwind.    (234)

 China Pearl Lounge
Friday and Saturday nights have R&B, blues, country, and rock bands.    (235)

 China Sea
Alt rock, some blues. Bands on weekends, blues jam Sunday, Thursdays live music.    (236)

 Chinese Village
Country music Fr-Sa    (237)

 Chinook Winds Casino
National acts/regionals    (238)

 GoodFoot Lounge
Wide variety of music Th-Sa    (239)

The  Church
Punk shows...    (240)

All ages rock and punk shows. Mostly DJ`s.    (242)

 Greg`s Backyard
House band Wed-Su, jam on Sundays...(free hot dogs on Sun.!)    (243)

 City Hall Park
Outside...Bluegrass/folk jams    (244)

 City Slickers
Some blues or country on weekends...    (245)

 City Zoo Bar and Grill
Wed-Sun alt rock...    (246)

Portland  Civic Auditorium
Portland Center for the Performing Arts, 3000 cap.    (247)

 Civic Stadium
20,000 cap.    (248)

 Clackamas Community College
Jazz programs, classical    (249)

 Clackamas County Fair & Rodeo
3rd Week of August annually at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds off 99E, Canby, OR...    (250)

 Classico Italian Ristorante & Lounge
Synth duos/singles    (252)

 Clearwater Casino
National, regional blues, rock acts (Hwy. 305 Agate Pass Bridge)    (253)

 Clinton Street Theater
Mostly films, folk, alt. rock, blues acts 4-5 times a mo., 300 cap., occasional nationals    (254)

 Cloud 9
blues joint    (255)

The  Cloud Room
Lounge music Tu-Sa    (256)

 Club 449
NW rock acts most nights.    (257)

 Club Brodway

 Club Discretion
Alt rock, punk    (259)

 Coaster Theater Playhouse
Stage plays, music & dance concerts, comedy & musical revues along with exhibited works by artists make for a blending of diverse art forms. Live performances year-round.    (260)

 Cobalt Lounge
local and national rock & pop (Tu, Fri & Sat). DJ`s include Portlands #1 jungle/Drum & Bass night (Wed) as well as Xotica go go (Thu) and Sunday School (house).Mondays Free Flow.    (261)

The  Coffee Cantina
Folk venue...    (262)

 Coffee Cow & Calf-A
Acoustic folk    (263)

 Coffee People Beaverton
Acoustic folk weekends...    (264)

 Coffee People
Acoustic folk weekends...    (265)

 Coffee Time
Some acoustic folk Mondays...A NW original that celebrates people with art and music in an atmosphere reminiscent of the 1960s coffee houses...    (266)

 Cola Land
Our banquet and dance hall has been the stage for everything from concerts to wedding receptions, and jam sessions, where the emphasis is on fun! If you play music, we encourage you to get up on stage and into the action.    (267)

 Cole's Candy
Blues    (268)

Memorial  Coliseum
15,000 cap., national acts    (269)

 Columbia Arts Center
Janet Renfro: 283-5325 (Portland); 6 theatre organizations produce 14 shows this season, over 288 event days in 1998. Musical artists with jazz, acoustic and blues experience are asked to submit demo tape and bio with references to address above. Rental    (271)

 Columbia Gorge Hotel
Various jazz, blues acts    (272)

 Columbia Street Pub
Bluegrass/folk jams    (274)

 Community Music Center
Classical venue, city funded    (275)

 Community Unitarian Universalist Church
The 3 Rivers Folklore Society sponsors a Coffeehouse the second Friday of every month from September through June. Admission is $5.00 donation per person. The Coffeehouse starts at 7:30 p.m.    (276)

Pacific Northwest Co  Concordia University

 Conor Byrne's Alehouse
All Celtic Music. Thurs.Fri. and Sat. Seisiun Sundays Set Dancing on Tuesdays.    (279)

 Conway Tavern
blues joint; some nationals; super onion rings and charbroiled burgers. It is the local gathering spot.    (280)

DJ on weekends, but live R&B on Wed.    (281)

 Cookie Cafe

 Cooler Club
Top 40, Dance, Latin    (283)

 Cooper's Alehouse
Blues & jazz Sat.-Sun.    (284)

 Copper Penny
Mon. battle of the bands (send tape); mostly DJs...    (285)

 Corbin Community Center
Inland Northwest Bluegrass Music Association Jam Second Sundays, 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 or 9:00 p.m. (business meeting is from 2:00 to 3:00 p.m.).    (286)

 Corner Inn
blues joint    (288)

Wanker's Corner  Corner Saloon
Blues, rock, R&B on weekends...(Formerly Wanker`s Corner--they moved to Wilsonville)    (289)

Bluegrass/folk jams    (290)

Elso's  Cotton Tree
Blues    (292)

 Country Inn
Blues on Fr-Sa; cap. 150, house PA, stage, good-sized dance floor.    (293)

 County Cork Pub
Celtic, folk music some nights. Sporadic.    (294)

 Coyote Creek Pizza
Some acoustic    (296)

 Crocodile Cafe
'Local & national talent nightly.'    (297)

The  Crossing
Blues & jazz W-Sa    (298)

The  Crossings Bar & Grill
Country music F-Sa    (299)

 Crossroads Bar & Grill
Rock on weekends...    (300)

 Crossroads Coffeehouse
Occasional acoustic folk    (301)

 Crossroads Market Stage
Weekends feature various acoustic jazz, folk and alternative acts on a small stage by Lamont's...    (302)

 Crossroads Shopping Center
Acoustic classical, jazz, bluegrass/folk jams; ALL AGES    (303)

 Crow Bar & Grill
Blues    (304)

 Crystal Ballroom
Historical venue newly refurbished; features dance music of all genres, some nationals; stage, full PA    (306)

 Cup & Saucer Cafe
Acoustic brunch Sat., Sun., tip jar, 60 cap.; First Tues. Women's Coffeehouse Concerts    (307)

 Curiosity Shop
Some folk acts.    (308)

 Cuthbert Amphitheater
rock, popular, country, etc. -    (309)

 Daddy O's
ALT ROCK    (311)

 Daily Planet
Weekends, Blues, R&B...    (312)

 Daniel's Broiler
Jazz    (313)

 Darrington High School
Bluegrass jams second Sundays, 1:30 p.m. to ?.    (314)

 Deano's Cafe & Lounge
Blues & jazz weekends...    (315)

 Deep Creek Jam
August 15-17, 1997    (316)

 Detour Tavern
Rock, alt. rock, some nationals...    (317)

 Dexter & Hayes Public House
Acoustic blues, folk    (318)

 Dillon Fiddle Contest
2nd week of Feb.    (320)

 Dimitriou's Jazz Alley
'Tending toward the predictable and safe, the club books both local acts and established national talents.'    (321)

 Ditto Tavern
Alt rock weekends, some week nights    (322)

 Dixie Creek Saloon
Country/Rock - Live music on weekends...    (323)

 Dixie Red's
Blues    (324)

 Dizzy's Restaurant & Lounge
Blues/R&B, rock on weekends...    (325)

 Doc Maynard's
Anything goes except suits. Various local rock and alt rock bands boogie most nights. Ask about the famous underground tour...    (327)

 Don Guido's
Occaisonal acoustic blues, folk, jazz    (328)

 Doris Cafe
Soul food joint, occasional jazz    (329)

 Double Tree Hotel

 Downtown Deli & Greek Cuisina
Greek music Fr-Sa; hour: Mon-Thu 7:00am-12:00am Fri-Sat 7:00am- 2:30am Sun 10:00am-12:00am    (336)

 Downtown Eugene Inc.
Other    (337)

The  Downunder Nightclub
Rock bands...    (338)

 Dr. Feelgood's Pub, Aloha
F-Sa classic rock, some blues    (339)

The  Drum
Country, 7 nights/wk., 500 cap.; PA, some lights. Doing mostly karaoke & DJs...bands for special events.    (340)

 Du Maurier Jazz Festival

 Dublin Pub
Irish, folk, rock, R&B some blues, 5 nights/wk., 150 cap. Open mike auditions Mondays.    (342)

 Dubliner Pub
Fridays. Jazz, Blues, Rock. folk. Celtic Wed. Seisiun Sun. Comedy    (343)

 Dugo's On Burnside
Live music on weekends...    (346)

 Dusty Strings
Bluegrass/folk jams    (347)

 Dutch Goose

 DV 8
'All ages. National acts. Recorded music Wed. nights.' (Cap. 1100)    (349)

Top 40, F-Sa    (350)

 Dynomite Lounge

Alt. Rock, punk; PA, lights, stage; national, regional, local; cap. 307.    (352)

 Earl's on the Ave.
Blues & jazz Th-Sa    (353)

 Earshot Jazz Eastside Showcase
Last Friday and Saturday of each month, sets at 7:30 and 9.    (354)

 East Bank Saloon
low volume trios, jazz, blues, folk    (355)

The  Easy
Women's gay spot; folk    (356)

 Echo Theater
rent $150/night; Katy Greizer, 250 cap.    (357)

Rock, blues, Sat. sometimes Fr-Sa; need demo tapes/bios    (358)

 Edelweiss Restaurant & Lounge
Acoustic folk, comedy Sat.    (359)

 Edge Cafe
Blues    (360)

McMenamin's  Edgefield Winery & Little Red Shed
Intermittent jazz and blues; sponsor summer outdoor shows with national acts    (361)

 Edmonds Waterfront Festival
Last week of May, various types of music // *Pacific Rim Talent    (362)

The  Egyptian Club
Alt. Rock; 3 clubs: The Tomb (being renovated), Egyptian Room    (363)

 El Charrito Lounge
Rock bands Fr,Sa...    (364)

 El Lobo Loco

 El Sombrero Restaurant
acoustic/ethnic, flamenco    (366)

Blues Th-Sa    (368)

 Elsinore Theatre
Historic theater used for concerts and theater.    (369)

The  Emerald Downs
Race track and part-time venue for nationals...    (372)

Jazz joint...    (373)

 End Zone
Alt Rock Th-SA    (374)

 Esspressoul Coffeehouse
Piano, jazz trio    (375)

 Etcetera Tavern
R&B, rock bands Sat. only; blues jam Wed.    (376)

 Eugene Celebration
Folk, acoustic acts    (377)

 Everett Community Theater
Bluegrass/folk jams; national & regional acts.    (378)

 Everett Performing Arts Center
National acts    (379)

 Evergreen Ballroom Restaurant
Live rock nightly, jam Mo-Su    (380)

 Evergreen State College
Bluegrass/folk jams    (381)

 Evergreen State Fair
Last week of August for 12 days; national country music acts. Over 800,000 people attend annually.    (382)

 Evil Sister Saloon
(see review below)    (383)

 Fairhaven Billiard Parlour

 Fairhaven Library
Bluegrass/folk jams    (387)

 Faith Lutheran Church
(Old Grange Hall) Bluegrass jams Second Saturdays at 7:00 p.m.    (388)

 Father John's
ALT ROCK...    (389)

 Fenix Underground
Various artists/2 separate rooms...(Cap. 700) Swing dancing, hip hop, DJs, upcoming bands, nationals..    (390)

The  Fenix
Various artists/2 separate rooms...ROCK SKA REGGAE too...    (391)

 Festival of American Fiddle Tunes
First week of July annually; workshop and public performances.    (392)

 Fiddler's Inn
Bluegrass/folk jams; blues, live music Fri.-Mon., open mike Mondays...    (394)

 Finnegan`s Mill
Some rock and blues acts on weekends.    (396)

 Fireside Room
(In the Sorrento Hotel) Piano bar, Jazz, blues...    (397)

 First Christian Church
Popular classical music joint    (398)

 First Congregational Church
Good acoustics for classical music, used as a concert hall for some nationals...    (399)

 First Night
Festival    (400)

 First Night Pierce County
All arts exhibition Dec. 31 annually. Deadline 1 Sept.    (401)

 First Presbyterian Church
Occasional classical music    (402)

 First Round Bar & Grill
Rock weekends. Blues jam Thurs. 7-10 pm; DANCE PARTY EVERY WED.W/DJ'S BLUEBERRY AND THE ELECTRIC RAY.    (403)

 First United Methodist Church
Occasional classical music    (404)

Fabulous  Firwood Tavern
Blues joint, some nationals    (405)

 Fishbowl Brewery Pub and Cafe
Blues, acoustic folk...    (406)

 Flounder Inn Tavern
Blues    (407)

 Flying M Ranch
Country music Fr-Sa, acoustic Sun.    (408)

International  Folklife Festival
Memorial Day weekend, huge folk festival...    (409)

Loaves & Fishes event Laurelhurst Park    (410)

Bluegrass/folk jams, some blues, jazz.    (412)

 Fort Spokane Brewery
mostly blues with some rock/jazz/jam bands    (413)

 Four Seasons Olympic Hotel
Bluegrass/folk jams; jazz weekends.    (414)

 4th Avenue Alehouse
blues joint, some nationals, Bluegrass/folk jams    (415)

The  Fox & Firkin
We've tried to recreate the atmosphere of a traditional "British" pub and recreate the food with our menu served here at the old Meadowland Creamery building.    (416)

 Friends of Chamber Music
Schedule various chamber music events at various venues.    (418)

 Frolic Pad
Bluegrass/folk jams    (419)

 Full Sail Tasting Room
Folk, blues    (420)

 Galway Arms
Rock, punk shows...    (422)

The  Garden
all ages disco, live music Wed. only for now    (424)

 Gemini Bar & Grill
Blues/R&B weekends, some midweek blues jams; cap. 200; lights, stage    (425)

 Gibson`s Bar & Grill
NW bands most nights (Cap. 180)...    (426)

 Gig Harbor Jazz Festival

 Gilbert`s Main Street Deli
Jazz joint...    (428)

 Ginny's Coffeehouse

 Glacier Fiddle Festival
2nd week of April...    (430)

 Glass House Tavern
Acoustic blues...    (431)

 Glass Slipper
Bluegrass/folk jams    (432)

The  Globe Cafe
Poetry and live music Sat., Sun.    (433)

 Globe Pub
Bluegrass/folk jams    (434)

 Goat Haus
Alt. rock, punk club.    (435)

 Golden Valley Brew Pub
Occasional music, acoustic, blues    (436)

 Goldie's Shoreline
Rock and blues bands...    (437)

 Good Chow
Jazz    (438)

 Good In The Hood Multicultural Festival
Usually three days end of June.    (439)

 Good Times Lounge
Rock Fr-Sa    (440)

 Good Times Tavern
Blues/reggae, alt. rock; some nationals; cap. 250; PA, lights, stage, tech    (441)

The  Gorge
Carved in the high basalt cliffs overlooking the Columbia River gorge, the lawn-covered terraces of the Gorge amphitheater have become the hottest destination for the concert enthusiasts in the Pacific Northwest.    (442)

 Governor Hotel, Celilo Room
Some jazz    (443)

 Grand Cafe & Bar
Piano bar...    (444)

 Granite Falls Rhythm & Blues Bash
3 days, first weekend of Aug., blues, R&B , parade    (445)

 Grant Gallery
Bluegrass/folk jams    (446)

 Grant's Brewery Pub
Rock, jazz, blues weekends, cover charge    (447)

 Grateful Bread
Acoustic folk, jazz, ALL AGES    (448)

 Grateful Burger
Blues bands Fr-Sa, blues jam Sun.    (449)

 Grazie Ristorante
Jazz joint; some blues    (450)

 Green Bean Cafe & Market
Single acoustic acts Tu-Fri.    (451)

 Green Onion
OUT OF BIZ...    (452)

 Green Room
Blues, folk, acoustic, Fr-Su; PA, board, monitors; cap. 50-100; full bar. Open mike Mon.    (453)

 Greenwood Family Sing
Folksingers' song circle, 2nd Saturdays, 7-9:30    (454)

 Greenwood Inn, Wanigan Lounge
$3 cover Fr-Sa, no cover Tu-Th '50s-'80s Tu, Top 40 and variety We-Sa...    (455)

 Greenwood Masonic Temple
Bluegrass/folk jams; Cajun music & dance    (456)

 Gresham Inn
Top 40 bands, some blues Fr-Sa; jam Sundays    (457)

The  Grotto

 Ground Zero
Alt. rock, punk, hip hop, soul; all ages...    (459)

 Grounds for Coffee
Blues, jazz...    (460)

(Located where Stark Street meets the Sandy River.) Various genres usually outside during the summer. Some indoor acoustic acts.    (462)

 Hale's Ales Brewery & Pub
Jazz, blues    (463)

 Half Time Tavern
Rock bands    (464)

Punk, alt rock...    (465)

 Happy Palace
Steamy Windows played there.    (466)

The  Harbor At Depoe Bay
Some blues bands on weekends.    (467)

 Harmon Pub
Jazz and blues joint...Brew pub. Bands Tues., Thurs., & Fri.    (468)

 Harrison Hollow

 Harry's Bar & Grill
Blues & classic rock    (471)

 Hawthorne Street Cafe
Hours: Breakfast-7:30-2:30, Dinner-W-Th-5-10, F-Sa-5-11, some acoustic Sat., Sun., 75 cap.    (472)

 Hawthorne Street Fair
Nancy Chapin, Chair. - This is application address. Fair is annual, 3rd week of August, Michael Beach, logistics    (473)

 Headless Horseman
Blues, rock weekends    (474)

The  Headline Cafe
Used to have punk shows...    (475)

 Heathman Hotel
Jazz piano 7 days/wk., jazz quartet weekends...    (476)

 Henry Ford's Lounge
Piano bar, jazz; family owned for over 44 years...    (477)

 Hi Hat Lounge
Old-time rock weekends    (478)

 Hi Score Arcade
All our shows are ALL AGES, which is very rare in Seattle. Hi*Score has always tried to be a community place where people of all ages and backgrounds could feel comfortable.    (479)

 Hiawatha House
Christian/metal bands.    (480)

 High Rocks Pub
Duos weekends    (481)

Blues    (482)

 Highlander Festival

 Highlights Restaurant
Occasional jazz    (484)

The  Highliner
Jazz, rock, blues Thu-Sat.    (485)

 Highway 20 Roadhouse
Rock-n-Roll, Country Rock, Blues - Sunday - Thursday 6 A.M. til 10 P.M. Friday - Saturday 24 hrs New Lounge just added. Bar, Cardroom, Pool Tables, Video Games, Dance Floor. Come rock at the Roadhouse!!!    (486)

 Hillsboro Community Arts Group
Do festival annually, summer    (487)

 Hing`s Restaurant & Happy Lounge
Top 40/Classic Rock bands Fr-Sa; oriental foods    (489)

The  Hitchin' Post
Rock, country, blues, Fr-Sa    (490)

Jazz & blues.    (491)

 Hobo's Inn
Jazz duos, trios, solo piano 5 nights/wk.    (492)

 Hokum Hall
Bluegrass/folk jams    (493)

 Hollywood Taxi
Alt. rock - Live music seven nights of the week.    (494)

 Hollywood Theatre
A movie theater, but used for theater and concert events also...    (495)

 Homer Davenport Days Blues Festival
In August annually in Silverton as part of Homer Davenport Days    (497)

 Homowo African Arts & Cultures
Promotes the African harvest festival, and manages grants for African music projects in Portland...    (498)

 Honey Bear Bakery
Bluegrass/folk jams; acoustic; some jazz.    (499)

 Hood River Hotel
Regional & National blues acts    (500)

 Hopper`s Blues Bar
Blues, blues rock 4 nights a week. Blues jam Sundays.    (501)

Jazz    (502)

Bluegrass/folk jams, Wed. open mike, acoustic folk, alt folk...    (503)

 Horse Brass Pub
Acoustic British folk, Celtic, occasional nationals, 150 cap.    (504)

 Hotel Newport

 Hoyt Street Cafe
Occasional jazz, folk    (507)

 Hoyt's Pub

 Huckleberry Festival
End of August annually for three days at the Mount Hood RV Village. (PR by EventFull    (509)

 Huckleberry`s Books & Coffee
Some acoustic folk...Acoustic Music ncluding Folk, Bluegrass, Blues, -    (510)

The  Hult Center
Large concert venue for national acts...    (511)

 Ichabod's North
full bar, nice (fair) owner, good sound system/tech. Rock/punk/jam/jazz/everything.    (512)

 Il Terranzzo
Bluegrass/folk jams    (513)

 Immaculate Conception Church
Cajun Music & Dance    (514)

 Inn At Otter Crest

 Inn Between
Rock, blues bands, seasonal with ski season    (516)

 Inner City Blues Festival
March or April, benefits Rainbow Coalition, local blues bands.    (517)

 Interlude Bar

 Newmark Theater
A venue of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Capacity: 900 seats    (519)

One-man bands Th-Sa    (520)

 International Accordion Celebration
Accordion; Polka; German; Second weekend in August, Thursday through Saturday    (521)

 Ione Plaza Cafe
Acoustic blues W-Sa, cap. 120; Bill Rhoades books    (522)

 Irish Bank Restaurant
Acoustic folk, celtic, ethnic    (523)

 Island Center Hall
Bluegrass/folk jams    (524)

 Island Earthfair
First week of August... A three-day campout and with music, crafts, healthy food, workshops, drumming circle, story telling in a rural setting.    (525)

 Issaquah Brew House
Blues    (526)

 Italo's Bella Roma Restaurant & Lounge
Blues    (527)

 It`s a Beautiful Pizza
Acoustic, piano Mo, Su; special music events at other times; blues-jazz jam Tuesdays...This is the best pizza in Portland; look no further. Fascinating topping combinations, a good selection of beers, and a funky Grateful Dead theme. Tues. nite jam...    (528)

 J & M's Café
Some acoustic music on weekends    (529)

The  Jabberwocky
Bluegrass jams, acoustic folk...    (530)

 Jack & Jill's
Alt rock Fr-Su    (531)

 Jack's Bistro
Jazz joint; Bluegrass/folk jams    (532)

 Jackson County Fair

 Jake's Ales
Groovy blues joint last time I checked...Bands on Saturdays, and Sundays    (534)

 Jasmine Tree
Big band on Wed., jazz; some folk acts...    (535)

The  Java Jump
Alt rock, punk; all ages.    (536)

Bluegrass/folk jams    (537)

 Jazz & Oyster Fest
3rd Su in Aug.    (538)

Dimitriou's  Jazz Alley
World Famous all ages Jazz joint; Bluegrass/folk jams    (539)

 Jazz Cafe
Jazz Sat.; Bluegrass/folk jams    (540)

 Jazz de Opus
Jazz 7 nights/wk, 50 cap., no stage, carpet, close quarters, low ceiling, stained glass.    (541)

 Jazz Port Townsend
Annual event features regional and national acts at the Centrum and area nightclubs...    (542)

 Jefferson County Fair
Last weekend of July.    (543)

 Jerzey's Skybox
Jazz joint...    (544)

 Jimmy Mak's Bar & Grill
Acoustic, pop, alternative, Jazz/blues club Th-Sa; Greek cuisine; PA, lights, soundman, stage    (546)

Jimmy Zltd  Jimmy Z`s Night Club
For over 19 years Jimmy Zltd has catered to the Live Rock & Roll attitude of the Northwest. By offering our local bands a place to play and be seen. We’ve created a unique atmosphere and intense energy level that leads our clientele to consider Jimmy Z their Club of choice.    (547)

 JJ's Lounge
Rock/Top 40, large dance floor.    (548)

 John Henry's Tavern
Alt. Rock; hip-hop, funk; PA, lights, stage; cap. 300; punk/HC college metal anything, music 7 nites a week.    (550)

 Johnny Rocket's
Alt rock, some jazz...retro 50's hamburger joint that is a national chain...    (551)

 John's Nameless Space
Dances, ethnic bands, 2-3 nights/mo.    (552)

 Jollie`s Restaurant & Lounge
Country joint W-Su...jam on Sundays early evening with Up Country    (553)

 Jules Mae's Restaurant and Lounge
Cajun Music & Dance    (555)

 Julia's Park Place
Bluegrass/folk jams    (556)

 Junction Tavern
Blues    (557)

The  Jungle Room
Country Fr-Sa; some blues rock    (558)

 K & F Clinton Street Coffee House
Occasional acoustic acts...    (559)

The  Kalama Blues Benefit
(Annual) August, noon - midnight. I-5 exit 32 head east your there! Noon - midnight $3 adults 50 cents & a can of food 18 and younger. 30 min. north of Portland.    (560)

The  Kalama Fair
End of July annually.    (561)

 Katie O'Brien's
Irish Music...    (562)

The  Keg Restaurant
Jazz weekends.    (563)

 Kell's, Seattle
Bluegrass/folk jams    (565)

 Kelly Creek Brewery
out of biz    (566)

Country music, two bars, big dance floor.    (567)

 Kelly`s Olympian
Blues, jazz, rock, Th-Sa, 100 cap. No stage, no sound, no carpet...    (568)

McMenamin's  Kennedy School
Blues, rock, jazz Thursdays, other special events announced monthly.    (569)

 Kent Summer Concert Series
deadline Feb. 1, all types of music    (570)

 Kerns Pub & Grill
Some blues, rock...    (571)

 Kerryman Pub
Bluegrass/folk jams    (572)

 Kid Mohair
Club is no longer... SEE BALTIC ROOM    (574)

 King Kat Theater
National/regional alt rock acts.    (575)

 Kirkland Art Center
Various shows and concerts...    (576)

 Knights of Pythias Hall
Used for punk shows...    (577)

 Kolbeh Restaurant
Russian/Greek music; belly dancer    (578)

Blues jam Sun. 7-11 p.m., some blues on weekends.    (579)

 L.B. Day Amphitheater
Large concert venue for national acts...    (580)

 La Carreta Mexican Restaurant
Mexican folk acoustic; mariachi bands    (581)

 La Catalana
Latin music weekends.    (582)

 La Hacienda Restaurant
Mexican folk acoustic    (583)

 La Hacienda Restaurant & Lounge
R&B, rock, blues weekends    (584)

The  Paradigm
Concert hall, cap. 1100, techno, dance, industrial, hip hop, rap; PA, stage, lights; local, national acts. Formerly The Womb and La Luna.    (585)

 La Rumba
Latin band appears every Friday, 9:30 p.m. to 2 a.m.; there is a $7 cover charge. DJ dance music, with no cover charge, is played Thursday through Sunday. Caribbean food, music or dancing.    (586)

Jazz joint/some R&B, blues; Kris Clendenin does calendar    (587)

 Lake Forest Inn Roadhouse
'Open mic Tues, live music Sat.'    (588)

 Lake Union Pub
No longer open...(see URL)    (589)

 Lakeside Coastal Grill
Piano bar    (590)

 Landmark Restaurant & Lounge
Some blues acts weekends    (591)

 Langston Hughes Center
Bluegrass/folk jams    (593)

 Larry's Greenfront
Blues joint 7 nights a wk.; Hot blues, good food, great breakfast    (594)

 Las Brisas Mexican Restaurant & Cantina
Cajun Music & Dance    (595)

 Last Bowe Cafe
Jazz duos, trios    (596)

 Last Exit
Bluegrass/folk jams    (597)

 Last Row Cafe
Jazz    (598)

The  Last Supper Club
Eclectic mix of bands Thurs., Fri., DJ Sat.    (599)

 Latona by Greenlake
Bluegrass/folk jams    (600)

The  Laughing Cavalier
British Pub, to full bars up and downstairs; celtic folk acoustic    (601)

 Laurelthirst Public House
Folk, rock, country, jazz, acoustic, some electric, cap. 75-100, 7 nights/wk., popular hangout; PA, stage, piano    (602)

 Lava Lounge
Jazz, latin jazz, neighborhood tavern.    (603)

 Leavenworth Brewery
Blues    (604)

 Lee's Restaurant
Rock bands on weekends...    (605)

 Legends Lounge
Blues    (606)

 Legends Publick House
Occasional blues acts.    (607)

 Legends Sports Bar and Grill
Cajun, Jazz, Blues on weekends, blues and variety acts on Wed.    (608)

 Legion Hall
Production company uses the hall as venue for punk band acts handled by the company.    (609)

 Leif Erickson Ballroom
Bluegrass/folk jams; Cajun music & many types of dance    (610)

 Lenora`s Ghost
Blues rock on weekends, ten miles out of Salem    (611)

 Leo Melina Ristorante
Jazz    (612)

 Leong's Buffet
Rock, country on weekends...    (613)

 Leo's Lair
Blues, rock weekends    (614)

 Lewis & Clark College
*Lori Corso, Asst. Dir.    (615)

The  Liberty Tavern
Rock acts...(Cap. 170); Grays Harbor's most historic tavern. The structure dates from the Prohibition era. Both The Liberty Tavern and Poolhall and its contents are rich in local history. Regular breakfast, lunch and dinner specials. 21 and over.    (616)

 Library Cafe
Jazz    (617)

 Lifeline Cafe
All kinds - Capacity, only about 80, but the owner is open to all kinds of music--from acoustic to rock. Many local bands play there, from blues, to open mic jam sessions.    (618)

 Lighthouse Roasters
Bluegrass/folk jams; some jazz    (619)

 Lincoln Performance Hall
Local, regional & national music and theatrical acts, 1000 cap.    (620)

Rock, punk...    (621)

 Linn-Benton Community College Performing

 Lion's Hall
Available for concerts and events as a rental hall.    (623)

ALT ROCK ACTS    (624)

 Little Creek Casino
Occasional nationals, rock and country bands on weekends    (625)

 Little Leaf Tavern
Jazz weekends.    (626)

Sylvia's  Little Red Hen
Country music Th-Sa, blues jam Sundays.    (627)

 Little River Cafe
(In the Riverplace Hotel) Poetry and single acoustic folk acts...    (628)

 Living Dance Center
Variety of music, dance lessons    (629)

 Living Enrichment Center
Johanna Perry does booking of special events    (630)

 Lloyd's of Bandon
Blues and rock bands on the weekends, mainly during spring/summer. Large restaurant, full bar.    (631)

 Locker Room
Blues    (632)

Live rock and folk, dancing, movies, restaurant, beer & wine.    (633)

 Lone Pine Restaurant
Country rock on weekends...    (634)

 Lotta's Desire
Books acoustic acts, blues    (635)

 Lotus Card Room
Some alt. rock acts every once in awhile...    (636)

Every night of the week features some sort of musical entertainment. Monday jazz, Friday variety...    (637)

 Loyal Heights Community Center
Cajun Music & Dance    (638)

 Lucky Eagle Casino
Summerfest with blues, jazz, arts, crafts, August 10,11    (639)

 Lucky Labrador Pub
Acoustic folk, blues, Fr. only    (640)

 Lummi Casino
National & regional acts on the weekends.    (641)

Variety mostly on weekends some week nights...mostly singles/duos w/synth. No cover.    (642)

 M & M Lounge
Blues, R&B, weekends, 250 cap., Sonny Hess books/ Sharon: 503-668-8527    (643)

 Mac Club Pub & Grill
Rock music F-Sa...    (644)

 Machine Werks
Ska on Thursdays...    (645)

 Mac's Place
Blues    (646)

 Mac's Smokehouse South
Blues W-Th    (647)

 Rabbit Hole Restaurant & Mad Hatter Loun
`A cozy full-service bar with a choice selection of microbrews and wines, nestled under the Rabbit Hole Restaurant. Acoustic folk, alt. folk Tu-Sa.    (648)

 Madison's Bar & Grill
Jazz, acoustic folk    (649)

 Madison's Cafe & Music House
Folk, jazz, blues, alt. rock, W-Sun.    (650)

 Madrona Hill Winery
Alternative Rock/Cash Flow Cabernet vintners    (651)

 Main Street Restaurant
Occasional jazz venue    (652)

The  Majestic Rose Theater
Folk, blues acts    (653)

The  Majestic Theater
Majestic Theatre Management, MTM, a non-profit member-owned corporation, is committed to preserving and operating a quality performing arts facility in a fiscally sound manner while supporting the performing arts and civic needs of the community.    (654)

 Maltby Community Center
Bluegrass jams...punk shows on weekends...    (655)

 Mama Sunday's
Folk music    (656)

 Manette Saloon
Blues    (657)

Rock, punk, alt rock...    (658)

 Marco Polo's Jazz Garden
Jazz Fri-Sa...    (659)

Jazz; blues Fr/Sa...blues jam Sundays.    (660)

 Mark Antony Hotel
''Has been sold in bankruptcy court to a local real estate developer and the plan is to renovate it inside and out and make it a showplace. From what I hear, it won''t be open until a least next October.''--EdisonEd@aol.com    (661)

 Mark's Tavern
Some old-time rock bands, blues, Fri. nights only    (662)

 Marlene's Galaxy
30s-40s Sun., 50s-60s Fr-Sa    (663)

 Marriott Hotel
Piano bar    (664)

 Marrowstone Music Festival
Centrum and The Seattle Youth Symphony Orchestras present the popular Marrowstone Music Festival at Fort Worden State Park Conference Center in Port Townsend. The event features an all-star roster of established artists and a nationally-selected group o    (665)

 Mar's Flamingo Best Western Motel
Piano bar with Ray Peck...    (666)

 Marsee Bakery Company
Acoustic and spoken word.    (667)

Blues    (668)

Dance -    (669)

 Marty's Garage
punk, harcore, metal, alt rock bands    (670)

 Marylhurst College

 Matrix Coffeehouse
Always All Ages, Full Menu. Concerts generally every Friday & Saturday Open Mic. Thursdays. Large & comfortable space. Bookstore and lots of boardgames as well.Musicians interested in being booked please send musicsample & bio- follow up call helpful.    (672)

Jazz joint...    (673)

 McCall's Waterfront Cafe
Blues, R&B Th-Su during summer... This building served as the Portland Visitors Center from 1948 to 1965. Next to the Salmon Street Fountain.    (675)

 McCormick & Schmick's
Piano bar    (676)

 McDuff's Tavern & Grill
Off & on thru summer, acoustic folk, rock    (677)

 McGowan's Restaurant & Lounge
Blues Sun., jazz weekends...    (678)

 McMenamin's Edgefield
Intermittent jazz and blues; sponsor summer outdoor shows with national acts    (679)

 Meany Tower Hotel
Jazz, rock...    (680)

 Melody Ballroom
Intermittent nationals venue, 600 cap., gymnasium acoustics    (681)

 Mercer Arena
Used for national acts, basketball--multi-purpose arena...6,000 seats.    (682)

 Mercer Island VFW Hall
Cajun Music & Dance    (683)

 Mercury Cafe
All ages, all styles, blues, jazz, alt, classic, open mic on Monday pm...    (684)

The  Met Theater
Capacity 458; concert hall various genres.    (685)

 Metro On Broadway
Jazz trios Fr-Sa, acoustic other nights    (686)

 Midnight Sun
Punk bands.    (690)

 Miller's Bayside Lounge
Rock and blues Fr-Sa    (692)

Bluegrass/folk jams, some jazz...    (693)

The  Mint

 Mocks Crest Evangelical Church
Live bands every Sunday    (695)

 Moe's Pianos
Recital hall sometimes used as overflow venue for 17 Nautical Miles, various genres.    (696)

 Monarch Hotel Lounge
One-man bands, variety, piano bar...    (698)

The  Monkey Pub
Punk Rock Bar but still clean enough to bring your friends. Live music occasionally. Thursday nights are skateboard video nights with cheap pitchers.    (699)

 Montgomery Park Atrium
Books rooms & music for special events    (702)

Alt. rock, metal, reggae, nationals 3-4/mo., 400 cap.    (703)

 Moore Theatre
Bluegrass/folk jams; national, regionals; Seattle landmark.    (704)

 Morgan's Lake Place
Jazz    (705)

 Mo's Restaurant
Blues, jazz Fr-Sa    (706)

 Moscow Community Center
Palouse Folklore Society sponsors folk dances (2nd Friday during school year, misc times in summer) where we do contra and circle dances. Occasional folk concerts are also sponsored.    (707)

Rock, punk shows...capacity of nearly 900 on the house floor and mezzanine and another 900 in the video lounge, this venue opens up exciting new possibilities to the south Seattle/Tacoma nightlife scene...    (708)

 Mountaineer's Hall
Bluegrass/folk jams; Cajun music & dance    (709)

 High Mountains Jazz at Sisters
End of Sept. annually. Jazz and Dixieland...    (710)

 Mountlake Terrace Arts Festival
Last week of July.    (711)


 Mt. Baker Blues Festival
(2nd Annual) August 2, 1997. Local and regional blues acts.    (715)

 Mt. Baker Brewing Co. & Restaurant

 Mt. Baker Theater
National acts    (717)

 Mt. Hood Community College

 Mt. Hood Jazz Festival
Usually first weekend of August for 2-3 days. One day is usually a ''Blues Day''    (719)

 Multnomah County Library
Sunday ------- Closed Monday ------ Closed Tuesday ------12:30-8:30 p.m. Wednesday -- 12:30-8:30 p.m. Thursday ----- 10 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Friday -    (723)

 Multnomah Friends Meeting House
Portland Folklore Society venue for monthly concerts    (724)

 Munchin' Music
Festival--various Summer Events    (726)

 Murphy's Pub
NOT in the U-District - it's Wallingford. Good selection of local ales too. Live music, mostly folk and blues, after 9:00 PM most nights.    (727)

 Museum of History & Industry
Bluegrass/folk jams    (728)

 Music Millennium
Guest appearances of artists with records for sale, many nationals.    (729)

 Music Millennium, NW
Guest appearances for retail purposes, locals, regionals, some touring nationals.    (730)

 Music West
2nd week of May    (731)

 My Suzie's
Jazz    (732)

 Mystic Lake Cafe
Bar    (733)

 National Oldtime Fiddlers' Contest
3rd Week of June    (734)

 Nature's Northwest
Mostly an organic food supermarket and deli, but has some acoustic folk, jazz...    (735)

Rock, blues, R&B Tu-Fr    (736)

 Neo Bistro
Jazz joint...    (737)

 Netel Grange
All dances are held at the Netel Grange, which is located south of Astoria, 3.9 miles south of Miles Crossing out Lewis and Clark Road. 7:30 Workshop, 8-11 Dance Admission: $5, children under 12 free...    (738)

 New Morning Bakery
Vegetarian restaurant and bakery. Books solo and duo acoustic folk/country/jazz acts on the weekends...    (739)

 New Morning Coffeehouse

The  New Old Time Chautauqua
April 27, 1997    (741)

The  New Orleans Creole Restaurant
Blues and jazz bands seven nights a week.    (742)

 New Renaissance Bookshop
Occasional 'new age' music workshop or performance    (744)

 New World
Live rock.    (745)

 New York Deli
Jazz joint...    (746)

 Newberg Old Fashioned Fest
Last week of July    (747)


 Newport Jazz on the Water Festival
August Festival located at the base of the Yaquina Bay Bridge in Newport, Oregon.    (749)

 Newport Performing Arts Center

The  Nexus Club
Any styles    (751)

 Nice Day Coffeehouse
Jazz & Blues Joint...full restaurant & bar.    (752)

 Nickerson Street Saloon
Bluegrass/folk jams    (753)

 Nick's Tavern
Country music Fr-Sa    (754)

 Nick's West
Country music Fr-Sa; owned by Nick's    (755)

 Nippon Kan Theater
Bluegrass/folk jams    (756)

Classic rock bands Th-Sa, some blues, Thurs jam (formerly B&I)    (757)

The  Non Stop

 Nordic Room
Alt. Rock    (759)

 Norm Thompson Historic Races

 North American Jew's Harp Festival
Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk, Celtic, Bluegrass, World Music, Old Timey, Poetry, Storytelling, Children''s    (762)

 North by Northwest Conference

 North Seattle Community College
Bluegrass/folk jams    (764)

 Northshore Bar & Grill
Alt rock on weekends...    (765)

 Northwest Bach Festival
Annual First week of Feb.    (766)

 Northwest Coffee Company
Bluegrass/folk jams, some jazz...    (767)

 Northwest Folklife Festival
May 23-26, 1997; one of the largest folk and ethnic festivals in the country with more than 900 artists on 19 stages    (768)

 Northwest Nature Shop
Coffeehouse    (769)

 Northwest Passage
Alt Rock    (770)

 Northwest Regional Fiddle Contest

 Northwest Service Center
Folk, ethnic concerts 10-12/yr., 600 cap.    (772)

 Nor'wester Brew Pub
Acoustic blues, folk, jazz acts Sat. nites    (773)

 Nothing Major Records
Some appearances by bands...    (774)

 O Hell Cafe
Alt. rock, NXNW club    (775)

Monica Cole: 797-4539, Ethnic music 2-3 times/mo.    (776)

 Oaks Park
Occasional summer concert venue    (777)

 Oasis Food & Drink
Country music 2-3 nights/week    (778)

 O'Callahan's, Ramada Inn
Piano bar    (779)

The  Occasional Cafe
Folk venue...    (780)

Occasional blues & jazz    (781)

 O'Connors at Yamhill Market
This venue is now for private parties only. Too bad, it used to host some great music, but a few neighbors complained too much.    (782)

 Odd Fellows Hall, Corvallis
Concert Hall    (783)

 Odd Fellows Hall, Seattle
Cajun Music & Dance    (784)

'Mild-mannered Mediterranean restaurant by day, hard rockin' live music club by night.'    (785)

 Off the Beaten Path Coffeehouse
Coffeehouse    (787)

 Okanogan County Fair
2nd week of Sept., deadline: June 30; all types music    (790)

Oaks Park, Horst Mager's    (791)

 Oktoberfest, Mt. Angel

The  Old Church
Jazz Sundays, noon-time classical concerts; other special concerts periodically...    (793)

 Old Firehouse
Alt. Rock, Hard Rock; all ages. Located and run by the city of Redmond, kids from the Eastside help with all the shows here. Focus on supporting young local bands--712 capacity.    (794)

 Old Pequliar
Live music several nights a week, which tends toward blues and Celtic.    (795)

 Old Timer's Cafe
Get the blues with hot bands most nights; member of the club round robin. Some cajun music and dance.    (796)

 Old Town Ale House
Bluegrass/folk, Cajun jams; jazz piano    (797)

 Old Town Pub & Eatery
WHATEVER - Just call-you can play. Don't expect pay!    (798)

 Old World Deli
Occasional acoustic folk venue...    (799)

 Ole's Nook Tavern
Country Fr,Sa, 'The only place for live country music on the peninsula...'    (800)

 Olympia Jazz Festival
Last weekend of June.    (801)

 Olympic Music Festival
Chamber Music on the Olympic Peninsula; Saturdays and Sundays from late June through early September    (802)

The  Opera House
Home to the Seattle Symphony,    (803)

The  Orcas Grange
Folk, rock events...    (804)

 Oregon Bach Festival

 Oregon Coast Music Festival
Last two full weeks in July.    (806)

 Oregon Coast Polkafest

 Oregon Convention Center

 Oregon Country Fair
2nd week of July--annual event...    (809)

 Oregon Festival of American Music
Ongoing calendar of events throughout the year.    (811)

 Oregon Folklife Festival
Traditional Festival, usually around the summer solstice. Three stages, workshops, handmade crafts, a Renaissance Village, children`s performances, and continuous dance area are among the attractions    (812)

 Oregon Oldtime Fiddlers State Contest
Mid-May...    (813)

 Oregon Special Olympics
The Bite    (814)

 Oregon State Fair

 Oregon Trader Brewing Co.
live music every Saturday night from 7-10 pm and a blues jam on sundays from 3-6 pm. We also have an "old time" jam on the second and fourth thursday of every month.    (816)

 Oregon Trail Pageant

 Oregon Trail VFW
Bluegrass jams...    (818)

The  Original Music Showcase and Coffeehouse
Features open mic nightly, all genres    (819)

 Orting Soldier`s Home
Bluegrass jams, concerts...    (820)

Has had some blues and rock on weekends...    (821)

 OSU Summer Noon Concert Series
College    (822)

 Our House
Jazz Saturday nights - regionals and nationals.    (823)

 Outback Jack's
Alt Rock    (824)

The  Outcast
All ages punk shows...    (825)

The  Outfield
(formerly Scott's Grill) Blues Sat.    (826)

 Owl & Thistle Irish Pub
Bluegrass/folk jams, some jazz...Folk, world bands…has their own house band.    (827)

 Oxford Saloon
Are you looking for live entertainment... A one act play for the family..or hot Rhythm & Blues for Mom & Pop? Here we are!!    (828)

 Ozone Records
Alternative Record Shop, in-store concerts Sat. afternoons; FEZ Ballroom upstairs.    (829)

'Alt rock to blues'    (830)

 P.A.S.S. Club
238-8815    (831)

 P.C.C., Cascade

 P.C.C., Rock Creek

 Pacific Dessert

 Pacific Lutheran University
Bluegrass/folk jams    (835)

 Pacific University

 PacWest Center
Solo jazz artists intermittently in lobby, noon    (837)

 Paddy's Irish Pub
Occasional acoustic irish music, St. Patty's Day is full of live music of all genres.    (838)

The  Palm Grill
Punk shows...    (839)

 Panama Redrum
Acoustic blues singles, and alt rock bands 3-4 nights/wk., the bar part of Acapulco Gold's NW...great mexican food...    (840)

 Panida Theater

Broadway Center  Pantages Theater
national, regional acts    (842)

The  Paradox
Alt. Rock Fr-Sa    (843)

 Paragon Bar & Grill
Jazz joint; Bluegrass/folk jams    (844)

 Paragon Restaurant & Bar
Jazz & rock Wed. & Thurs. nites., gourmet restaurant lunch and dinner Mon.-Sat.    (845)

 Paramount Northwest
National, regional and theatrical touring shows.    (846)

 Parchman Farm
Acoustic singles/duos during week, blues, R&B weekends, cap. 75; Paul Jones books: 245-9493; problems with volume with neighbors. Very quiet room.    (847)

 Parker Hall
Rock shows, multi-purpose...    (848)

 Parker's Casino
Some nationals...    (849)

blues joint, some rock    (850)

 Pasta & Pizza Factory
Acoustic folk acts    (851)

Some acoustic...    (852)

 Pasta's Restaurant & Lounge
Acoustic singles weekends    (853)

 Patti Summers Club
Bluegrass/folk jams; jazz joint...    (854)

The  Peacock Tavern
Blues, R&B Rock Fr-Sa, jam Sun.; cap. 350; PA, lights, stage.    (855)

 Pearl's on Pearl
Jazz/blues - Most Fri. and Sat. nights 8:30-11:30 Winter-5:30-7:30 weekdays--piano jazz    (856)

 Pendleton Senior Center
Blue Mountain Folk Society holds meetings and music gigs here...    (857)

The  Penny University
Lo-key bohemian coffee shop vibe, jazz Thur., Fr.    (858)

Portland  Performing Arts Center

 Perk Up European Coffee House
Music from 7-10 PM Friday nights. Eclectic mix- jazz, blues, contemporary, classical, bluegrass, Irish. Music from 3-5 PM Sunday afternoons. Classical piano, jazz piano, gospel.    (860)

 Perkengruven Cafe
Folk rock, acoustic...    (861)

 Perrymall Pub
Blues    (862)

 Persimmon Country Club
Summer jazz series.    (863)

 PFS Song Circle
Folksingers' song circle every Monday, Sept-May    (865)

 Pied Cow Coffeehouse
Some live music, acoustic folk, closed Mon.    (866)

 Pig & Whistle
Jazz, blues    (867)

 Pike Place Market Festival
Last week of May, 3 stages, all types music    (868)

The  Pink Door
Live jazz, restaurant, full bar, classy; Bluegrass/folk jams    (869)

 Pioneer Courthouse Square
Music outside noon during summer, all genres. Also various concert series'.    (870)

 Pioneer Restaurant
Blues, blues-rock, some jazz...    (871)

 Pioneer Square Saloon
Accoustical and Open nights. 15 Microbrews on Tap. Rated as "Best of Seattle" happening bar in the heart of Pioneer Square.    (872)

 Pioneer Square Theater
Alt. Rock Sat.    (873)

 Pip Tide
Top 40/Classic Rock    (874)

 Pistol River Folk Society
1-2 concerts/month; Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk, Celtic, Blues, Bluegrass    (875)

Greek music/restaurant    (876)

 Planet Hot Rod
Blues/Rock weekends occasional nationals; Cajun music & dance    (877)

Blues Jam sundays 6:30-10:30 with Tim Travis...    (878)

 Pogo's Pub

The  Pointe
Formerly Night Deposit...blues/rock acts on weekends.    (880)

 Pomodoro Ristorante
Jazz    (881)

 Port Dock 1
Some blues (Lloyd J.)    (882)

 Port Townsend Blues Festival
2nd or 3rd week of June, annually    (883)

 Port Townsend Folksingers' Song Circle
Folksingers song circle, approximately once a month Saturdays.    (884)

 Portland Brew Pub
Jazz 3-4 nights/wk., occasional blues    (886)

 Portland Center for the Performing Arts
Contains the Dolores Winningstad Theatre, the Newmark Theatre, and the new Brunish Hall - SW Broadway at Main    (888)

 Keller Auditorium
A venue of the Portland Center for the Performing Arts. Capacity: 3000 seats    (889)

 Portland Community College
Three campuses with various music production projects and concert spaces...    (890)

 Portland Folklore Society

 Portland Golf Club
Live music for special occasions only.    (893)

 Portland Institute for Contemporary Art
Uses grant money to support concerts for cutting edge musical and fine artists...    (894)

 Portland Marathon

 Portland Meadows
Giant summer concerts...    (896)

 Portland Parks & Recreation
Produce summer concerts in the various parks around the Portland area. Usually begin booking in Jan. or Feb. for July-Sept. dates.    (897)

 Portland Roadster Show

 Portland Rose Festival
Portland's premiere annual event during June, Waterfront Park mainly, although several events schedules throughout the city...    (899)

 Portland State School of Fine & Performi
Does piano recital series with world class performer    (900)

 Portofino Cafe
Jazz joint    (902)

 Pot Belly Deli
Bluegrass/folk jams    (903)

 Powell Street Depot
'Oregon's first roadhouse'; Blues, country, rock, Fr-Sa, 150 cap.    (904)

 Powell's Books
Acoustic folk, jazz, classical    (905)

 Power Plant
Alt Rock acts (not listed in YP)    (906)

All ages punk shows    (907)

 PPAA (Policeman's Assoc. Hall)
Concert Hall    (908)

 Prairie Bar & Grill
Classic Rock & Roll, some blues on weekends. Classic rock jam on Thurs.    (909)

Bluegrass/folk jams; jazz    (910)

 Produce Row Cafe
Alt. rock Sat., jazz Sun., Mon., 50 cap. Jazz jam Mon., open mike Wed.    (911)

 Pub 181
Rock bnads on Fr/Sa...`Pub 181 staff knows what you like...free pool all day, lots of tournaments, and great food & drink. Bright and cheery place.`    (912)

The  Public House
Bluegrass/folk jams, regional/national folk acts...    (913)

 Puget Sound Guitar Workshop
Several `camps` throughout the year (see website for schedule)    (914)

 Pumphouse Pub
Blues    (915)

 Queen Anne Coffee
Bluegrass/folk jams; some jazz...    (916)

 R.P. McMurphy's
Acoustic Fr-Sa, closed Sun.    (917)

The  Railroad Depot
Bluegrass jams...    (920)

 Rainbow Bar & Grill
Blues Wed.-Sat., some R&B, rap...    (921)

 Rainy Day Cafe
Alt. Rock, Acoustic, open mike Tues...    (922)

Jam on Wed., Alt rock, folk...    (923)

 Rattlesnake Mountain Brewing Co.

 Reality of Change Bookstore
Occasional venue    (925)

Alternative, Music, Rock, pop, Country, bluegrass, folk, Punk, hardcore...    (926)

 Red Apple Tavern
Rock bands on weekends    (927)

 Red Dawg Brewpub
Acoustic Blues Acts    (928)

 Red Dragon
Blues    (929)

 Red Sea
Live reggae Th., some nationals    (930)

 Red Sea Restaurant
Reggae, roots, dance hall    (931)

 Red Star Tavern & Roast House
Cabaret entertainment, dinner shows    (932)

 Redhook Brewery
Jazz joint...    (933)

 Redmond Brewing
Rock, alt rock, some blues    (934)

 Red's Bar & Grill
Country, folk, blues Saturdays    (935)

 Reed College

 Reed House
blues on the weekends    (937)

 Relief Pitcher
Tues. nite jams...    (939)

 Renaldo's Cafe Espresso
Alt Rock, Folk...    (940)

Live music, full bar. Alt rock, punk.    (941)

 Resort at the Mountain
Jazz, piano bar    (942)

 Rexall Rose
Acoustic singles/duos, poetry, plays.    (943)

 Rialto Apartments
Bluegrass/folk jams    (944)

Broadway Center  Rialto Theater
Blues, other genres, national, regional.    (945)

 Ricciardi Gallery
Some jazz.    (946)

 Richard's Waterfront
Bluegrass/folk jams    (947)

 Rich's Restaurant
Acoustic folk; folk rock jam Th-Sa    (948)

Su. country jam (early eve.)    (949)

 Rimsky Korsakoffee House
Classical intermittently, tip jar    (950)

 Ripples on the River
Rock, Live band.    (951)

 Ristorante Ragazzi
Bluegrass/folk jams    (952)

 Ritzville Blues, Brews & Barbecue
Electric music on the outdoor stage alternates with mostly acoustic blues at three bar/restaurant locations in the town. In July annually...    (953)

 River City Saloon
River City Saloon has closed its doors for now Christi (owner of) The Northshore (in Bingin WA) verified it...    (954)

 River Queen
Riverboat, featuring national acts. Special sound system and high gear capacity.    (955)

 River Rock Grill & Alehouse
Doing blues lately...part of the Maplewood country club golf course.    (957)

The  River Theater & Coffeehouse
Blues, country blues. `Jug Band Scramble` Tues., some regional acts.    (959)

 Riverhouse Motor Inn
Top 40/Classic Rock    (960)

 Riverplace Hotel
Piano jazz 5 nights/wk., trios, duos...    (961)

 Riverside Restaurant and Lounge
Top 40 music weekends...    (962)

The  Riverside Hotel
Piano room, some jazz duos on Fridays...    (963)

The  Riverside Inn
Country, bluegrass bands...    (964)

 RJ's Outback
Rock bands on weekends...    (965)

*** CLOSED ***    (966)

 Roadhouse Grill
Country music W-Sa, acoustic...    (967)

The  River Roadhouse
Blues Rock Fri-Sat., 250 capacity, blues jam Sundays.    (968)

 Roadrunner Cafe Coffeehouse
--CLOSED--    (969)

 Roaster & Ale House
Jazz joint...    (970)

 Rock Bottom Brewery
Jazz joint...    (971)

 Rock Bottom Pub
Special occasions only.    (972)

 Rockford Grange
Mid-Columbia Folklife Society holds their folk concerts and dances there...    (974)

 Rockin' Frock

 Rocksport Bar
Alt. rock; some blues, funk...    (976)

 Rogers' Zoo
Acoustic folk, some rock...Tuesdays, open microphone 7pm, Irish Music most Thursday evenings at 8 pm. Acoustic Singles Fridays. Bands are planned.    (977)

 Rogue Brewery

 Rogue Music Theatre

 Rogue Pub & Eatery
mostly blues Th-Sa; PO Box 394. Open jam Wed.    (980)

 Rome Pizza House
Blues    (981)

 Romper Room
Live music, dancing, billiards, darts, tavern.    (983)

 Roof 'n' Doof's New Orleans Cafe
Cajun Music & Dance; blues    (984)

The  Roost
Traditional Folk, Contemporary Folk, Celtic    (985)

 Rose & The Raindrop
Piano bar Thurs.    (986)

 Rose & Thistle Pub
Intermittent music, folk, rockabilly    (987)

 Rose City Classic Festival

 Rose City Park Church
Classical concerts, seasonal special events.    (989)

 Rose Festival Association

 Rose Garden Arena
New Blazer Arena    (991)

 Roseland Grill
In the basement of the Roseland Theater. Various rock, world music acts...    (993)

 Roseland Theater
Various rock, world music acts, 1100 seat room...    (994)

 Round Up Cafe
Classic rock bands weekends, stage, lights, cap. 200    (995)

 Royal Inn Room
Blues    (998)

 Rupert`s Grill & Ale House
Jazz, blues club, some rock acts...    (999)

Alt Rock    (1000)

 Saddle Rock Cafe & Pub

 Safari Club
Country music weekends...Decent stage, basic (dim) floodlights. Music starts at 8:45 real time, 9:00pm bar time.    (1003)

 Salem Armory
Large hall for rentals...National, regional acts; 3,850 capacity...    (1004)

 Salem Art Fair and Festival
Mid-July annually, Bush Pasture Park. Going on for over 50 years.    (1005)

 Salem Folklore Society Coffeehouse

 Salem Saturday Market
Saturdays, May through September 9am-3pm. Outdoor Event. Power not avail, yet. Pay, well, there is none, but your welcome to accept tips, and place your tapes out for sale.    (1007)

 Salmon and Mushroom Festival
Benefit for the Cascade Geological Society. Acoustic, americana, folk, original, vocal acts...First weekend of October...    (1008)

 Salmon Creek Brewery
Occasional acoustic folk.    (1009)

 Salmon Festival
Celebrates the return of native chinook salmon to the Sandy River, takes place at Metro''s Oxbow Regional Park, Oct. 10th and 11th (1998), 10:30 a.m.-5 p.m; various genres live music.    (1010)

 Salute in Citta
Jazz joint; Bluegrass/folk jams; some blues    (1011)

 Sam Bond's Garage
some blues, folk, alternative    (1012)

 San Juan Community Center
Some nationals    (1013)

 San Juan Island Jazz Festival
Annual jazz, music,and community festival features over three days of continuous music, entertainment, contests, outdoor stages, beer gardens, dancing, food and...fun!    (1014)

The  Sandpiper

 Sands Restaurant
Blues    (1017)

 Satellite Lounge
One-man bands Tu-Sa    (1019)

 Saturday Market Eugene

 Saturday Market Portland
Outside arts & crafts bazaar; various acoustic musicians here and there (tip jar); some paid regionals.    (1021)

Oldest alt. rock joint in town, music 6-7 nights/wk., some nationals, 150 cap.    (1022)

The  Scarlet Tree
Blues joint, some jazz, R&B weekends, jam Th,Tue    (1023)

 Scooter McQuade's
Intermittent music    (1024)

 Scottish Rite Temple
Concert hall    (1025)

 Scotty's State St. Saloon

Bluegrass/folk jams    (1027)

 Seaside Civic & Convention Center
General purpose hall...    (1028)

 Seaside Jazz Festival
3rd week of October.    (1029)

 Seattle Center
All genres, multiple theatres...    (1030)

 Seattle Chamber Music Festival
Annually in July for the month...    (1031)

 Seattle Folklore Society
Concerts, Camps, Song Circles and more    (1032)

 Seattle Folklore Society Rainy Camp
Folksinging weekend, 1st weekend of Feb.    (1033)

 Seattle Hemp Fest
Myrtle Edwards Park - Sunday August 23rd, 1998 (Annual); two stages, speakers, entertainment.    (1034)

 Seattle Song Circle
First Sunday of each month at 9739 Lakeshore Blvd NE, Seattle; Third Sunday of each month at 5415 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle. Most song circles meet from 7:30pm to 11pm    (1035)

 Seattle's Best Coffee
Jazz    (1036)

 Second Time Around Records
Appearances by various types of bands upstairs...    (1037)

 Sege's Art Bar
Some reggae, blues, jazz, mostly on weekends.    (1038)

 Selah Music
Bluegrass jam first Wednesdays monthly...    (1039)

Live acoustic, and jazz, restaurant, full bar; Bluegrass/folk jams    (1041)

 Servetus, Inc.
Club for singles; live music Sat., variety    (1042)

 Seven Cedars Casino
Regional & national blues acts; call before 5pm    (1043)

 Sewickly's Addition
Sundays live band...    (1044)

 Shakabrah Java
Bluegrass/folk jams, blues, jazz    (1045)

Open Tu-Su only; disco; live blues weekends, Latin, jazz; Jamaican cuisine    (1046)

Blues, R&B, Soul, Rap, Hip Hop...Long jam session on Sundays 5 pm-1 am...    (1048)

The  Shed
Rock bands.    (1049)

 Sheraton Seattle Hotel
Bluegrass/folk jams; jazz, blues    (1050)

 Sherwood Peddler
Occasional acoustic blues, one-man bands    (1051)

 Shilo Inn Airport
JAZZ, piano bar    (1052)

 Shilo Inn West Canyon Grill
Some jazz; piano Tu-Sa    (1053)

The  Ship Tavern
Alt. rock, neo-folk 1-2 nights/wk    (1054)

 Ship Wawona
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1055)

 Shipwreck Bar & Grill
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1056)

 Shipwreck Tavern
Rock Th-Sa    (1057)

 Shogun Niteclub
Rock Th-Fr    (1058)

 Shoreline Community College
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1059)

 Siletz Brewing Co. Brew Pub
Blues weekends.    (1061)

 Silver Bullet Blues Fest
2nd Week of May    (1062)

Bistro  Simpatico
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1063)

Blues    (1064)

 Sisters Folk Festival
Mostly folk music and storytelling the first weekend of September annually...    (1065)

 Sisters Folk Festival (Bend)
Setember, in Sisters, Oregon.    (1066)

 Sisters Jazz Festival
Usually in Sept. annually with national acts.    (1067)

 Sit & Spin
Alt. Rock; Laundromat, poetry, art, Good Food. It`s heaven, man!    (1068)

 Skagit River Brewing Co., Richelle's Pub
Blues on weekends...    (1069)

 Skagit Valley College
Folk venue    (1070)

 Skagit Valley Tulip Festival
Various events throughout tulip season (March-April)    (1071)

 Skamania Lodge
Seasonal music Dec...    (1072)

Rock on Weekends...    (1073)

 Slim`s Lounge
Country music weekends.    (1074)

 Slo Pitch Pub & Eatery

 Slow Ride
Th-Sat., rock    (1076)

 Smokey Joe's
Blues    (1077)

 Snarky's Other Place
Rock on weekends...    (1079)

 Sokol Blosser Winery
Summer concerts national acts    (1080)

 Sonnyside Coffee House
Christian folk acts; 'Music at the Mount' 3rd Sat. every month...    (1081)

 Sorrento Hotel
Bluegrass/folk jams, blues    (1082)

 SOSC Program Board

 Sound Acoustic Music Camp
June 29 -- July 4, 1997    (1084)

 South Bay Grange
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1085)

 South Shore Boogie Festival
Aug. 24, '96 - two stages, electric & acoustic blues, rock    (1086)

 Southcoast Clambake Jazz Festival
Usually 2nd week of March annually. Four venues, two non smoking. Music starts at 6pm Friday.    (1087)

 Southside Cafe
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1088)

 Southwest Washington Fair
2nd week of July (15-20, '95), 3 stages    (1089)

 Spar Tree Tavern
Blues joint Fri/Sat.    (1090)

The  Spar
Some blues    (1091)

The  Spare Room
Tues.-Sat. country duos/trios...    (1092)

Blues joint    (1093)

 Sparky's Bar & Grill
Rock, pop touring bands, local bands 7 nights a week...    (1094)

 Speakeasy Cafe
Sun. night live blues; cybercafe; Online calendar, posters and flyers created by Lehanna R. Allen (lehanna@speakeasy.org)    (1095)

Jazz, blues, some bluegrass/folk jams    (1096)

 Spinning Wheel
Country music F-Sa    (1098)

 Spirit of Portland Yacht

 Spirit of Puget Sound

 Sports Bar & Grill

 Sportsman Pub
Blues    (1102)

The  Spot

 Spring Beer Fest
4/22/95, 1st annual    (1104)

 Spring Classic
PGE Event    (1105)

 Springfield Filbert Festival
Last weekend of August. Jazz, country and blues acts. 4-day festival    (1106)

Country music M-Sa    (1107)

 Squirrel`s Tavern
Acoustic folk venue...    (1108)

McMenamin's  St. Johns Pub
Music 6 nights a week. Two stages. Capacity 300/ 100. Small Vocal PA. Lights. National and regional Folk and Bluegrass acts.    (1109)

 St. Martin's Pavillion
Punk shows...    (1110)

 St. Mary's Cathedral
Seasonal classical concerts    (1111)

 St. Patrick's Church
Classical and sacred concerts...    (1112)

 St. Philip Neri Church
Seasonal classical concerts    (1113)

 St. Stephens Parish
Venue for the Oregon Chamber Players...    (1114)

 Stagecoach Saloon
Country Fr-Su...    (1116)

 Stapina's Pizza
Some R&B, rock weekends    (1117)

 Starbuck's Bellevue
Some jazz    (1119)

 Starbuck's Greenlake
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1120)

 Starbuck's Queen Anne
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1121)

 Starbuck's University
Jazz joint, Bluegrass/folk jams    (1122)

 State Avenue Bar & Grill
Some blues...    (1123)


 Steeple Center
Bluegrass jams Fourth Sundays November through May, from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m.    (1125)

 Still Life Coffeehouse
Jazz, classical, ethnic    (1127)

 Stone Soup Theatre
Punk shows...    (1128)

 Storeroom Tavern
Acoustic Th, rock Fr-Sat, Rockabilly, punk and rock bands    (1129)

 Stormy Weather Arts Fest
Acoustic folk, country, ethnic music. Annual event usually first weekend of November...    (1130)

 Street Music
Record shop/concert venue    (1131)

 Stuart's Coffee
Jazz    (1132)

 Sub Pop Mega Mart
Rock - The Sub Pop Mega Mart carries CDs, Lps & singles & t-shirts of the best of the Northwest music scene. We have free live in-stores every Saturday. Open 10-6 Monday-Saturday, 12-5 Sunday...    (1134)

Alt. Rock, punk to raves; cap. 300; PA, board, lights, stage    (1135)

 Suki's Lounge
Jazz weekends; Wed. big band; in the Caravan Motor Hotel; some R&B    (1136)

 Summer Days Downtown

 Summer Nights at the Pier
Various national rock, jazz, blues acts...    (1138)

 Sun & Moon
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1139)

 Sunbanks Blues Festival
This festival is held 2 times a year in May and Sept. on 30 acres of green lawns on Banks Lake in the Columbia Basin. The facility is a camping resort where you can listen to great music for 3 days from your site or bring your lawn chair.    (1140)

 Sunriver Coffee Company
Some blues on weekends.    (1141)

 Sunset Club
Top 40 Th-Sa; 400 cap.    (1142)

The  Swan Cafe
Live music    (1143)

 Sweetbrier Inn
Jazz solos,duos, trios W-Sa...    (1144)

 Swinomish Blues Festival
Third full weekend in August, Saturday and Sunday; Native drummers, dancers and singers mix with five or six regional blues acts    (1145)

 Swinomish Casino
Regionals and nationals on weekends.    (1146)

The  Swiss
`T-Town`s A-Room` for live music. There`s always something going on... great atmosphere, diverse clientele, fantastic food and supreme entertainment from Blues to Folk (Danny O`keefe) to Siberian Surf Rock (The Red Elvises).    (1147)

 Sylvia's Class Act Theater
Acoustic nights at times for the dinner theater...    (1148)

Alt rock weekends    (1150)

 Tacoma Actors Guild
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1151)

 Tacoma Community College
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1152)

 Tacoma Friends Meeting House
Folksingers song circle first Saturdays.    (1153)

International  Tap Festival Assoc.

 Tara Hall

Jazz, blues, country, jam sessions Tues & Thurs.    (1156)

 Taste of Tacoma
1st two weeks of July (2-5,9-11, '95), 6 stages, all types    (1157)

 Teen Life Center
Some life bands...    (1159)

 Temple De Hirsch
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1160)

 Temple Theater
Regional & national acts, blues, R&B; 800 capacity, full bar...    (1161)

The  Temple
Rock bands...    (1162)

 Tequila Tim's
No Cover, Restaurant, Cocktails, 20 Tap Micro & Domestic Brews, Pool, Darts, Pulltabs    (1163)

 Terrace Garden, Cavanaugh's Inn
Jazz    (1164)

 Terry's Time
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1165)

 Thadeus T. Thudpucker's
Rock, Live band.    (1166)

Mostly DJs, some nationals and local bands.    (1167)

 Third Floor Fish Cafe
Jazz, blues    (1168)

 Thirteen Coins
Jazz    (1169)

 Thousand Trails
Some acoustic jazz & blues singles & duos weekends    (1170)

Jazz    (1174)

 Thunderchief Smoke Shop
Blues    (1175)

 Tide`s Tavern
Blues joint    (1176)

 Tiffany Center
rental hall, used to be Neighbors of Woodcraft    (1177)

 Tiger Bar
Occasional live music, acoustic jazz, folk...    (1178)

 Tillicum Club
Blues, rock, R&B 7 nights/wk., 200 cap., call before 4 pm for bookings    (1179)

 Tippy Canoe
Country, variety music on weekends; karaoke, Italian food.    (1182)

Country music Fr-Sa    (1183)

 TNT Pub
'Live rock Wed.'    (1184)

 Tom Grainey's

All styles; PA - six channel provided by house; cap. 150; Alternative, reggae, funk ,blues and acoustic, 5 nights a week no extremely heavy rock - mostly danceable, melodic, poppy alt or high-profile blues.    (1186)

 Tonic Lounge
Alt rock bands on weekends...    (1187)

Rock, blues, country, W-Sa    (1188)

 Tony & Darin Fiddle Contest
Late July...    (1189)

 Tony Roma's West
Piano daily, dinner    (1190)

Jams on Wed...    (1191)

 Tony's Coffee Shop

 Top Inn-SeaTac Holiday Inn
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1193)

 Top O' The Hill Cafe
Music Fr-Sa, one-man band    (1194)

 Top of the Towers

The  Totem Pole
Various weekends. Sometimes live country music F-Sa    (1196)

The  Town Tavern
Blues    (1197)

 Townsend Deli
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1198)

The  Tractor Tavern
Blues, Alternative, a lot of folk, old country (like Hank Williams), Rockabilly, swing, and mostly does zydeco with only an occasional sprinkling of Cajun. `Mainly books Americana/roots type acts. Good crowd.`    (1199)

 Trader Vic's
caribbean music on Sat.    (1200)

 Traditions Cafe & World Folk Art
Folk, rock, acoustic acts...    (1201)

 Trail`s End Saloon
BLUES JOINT 5 nights/wk., 120 cap., Wed., Th., Sun. jam    (1202)

 Trail's Inn
Country music Fr-Sa    (1203)

The  Trap Restaurant & Lounge
Intermittent music    (1204)

 Trattorie Mitchelli
Jazz    (1205)

 Trianon Restaurant
Jazz, blues, R&B weekends.    (1206)

Occasional jazz    (1207)

 Tri-Cities Festival
2nd week of September.    (1208)

 Trinity Episcopal Church
Classical/sacred music concerts annually...    (1209)

 Trinity United Methodist Church
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1210)

 Trolleyman Pub
Blues & Jazz Mon. & Sat.    (1211)

 Troutdale Blues & Brews Festival
Held at Hagar's Viking Park 3-10 p.m. 8/9/98.    (1212)

 Tugboat Brew Pub
acoustic folk, open daily; cap. 50, music six nights a week. Mostly original songwriters/performers. Few nationals. Call Megan, Monday through Friday 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Playing at the Tugboat is a lot of fun, and you get to drink good beer!    (1213)

 Tulalip Casino

Jazz joint; belly dancing...jazz six nights a week (except Thurs)...    (1215)

 Tumbleweed Music Festival
Standard dates for festival - Labor Day weekend - Sept 5 & 6, 1998; 200 folk performers from Oregon & Washington    (1216)

Blues, jazz Sun. nites    (1217)

 Two Bells Tavern
Weekend music, eclectic crowd. Great food; Alt rock, bluegrass/folk jams    (1218)

Westcoast  Tyee Hotel Lounge
Blues    (1219)

 Tygh Valley Musical Retreat
Gathering of musicians, families, and friends Sept 19th, 20th, and 21st, 1997 (Fri-Sat-Sun)    (1220)

 U.R.S. Club
Blues & R&B on the weekends    (1221)

Jazz weekends    (1222)

 Umbra Penumbra
Occasional acoustic acts    (1223)

 Umpqua Brewing Co.
Some blues weekends    (1224)

 Uncle Rocky's
Alt rock; Wed. 'jazz improv night'    (1226)

 Under the Rail
Has had blues; Various NW and national artists most nights.    (1227)

The  Underground

 Union Bay Cafe
Blues    (1229)

 Unitarian Church
Cajun Music & Dance    (1230)

 United Methodist Church

 Unity Church of Beaverton
Occasional folk, acoustic events    (1232)

 Universalist Unitarian Church
Available as live music venue...    (1233)

 University Friends Center
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1234)

 University Heights Community Center
Live bands...    (1235)

 University of Portland

 University of Puget Sound
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1237)

 University Plaza Hotel
Jazz joint; Bluegrass/folk jams    (1238)

 University Sports Bar
Rock...    (1239)

 Up & Up Tavern
Blues    (1240)

 Uptown Bar & Grill
Blues    (1241)

 Uptown Pub
Occasional blues, rock bands--at owner`s discretion...Regional acts and actually some nationals blow through this dingy bar.    (1242)

 Urban Onion

 Utopia Cafe
Coffee House, Acoustic folk singles duos    (1245)

 Vancouver Farmer's Market
Sat 9:00am-3:00pm; 'More summer festival than grocery store'...    (1247)

 Vancouver School of Arts & Academics
Jazz, classical, world music concerts during summer.    (1248)

 Van's Owl Tavern
Blues joint    (1249)

 Velvet Elvis
*** CLOSED ***    (1250)

 Venetian Theater
Books all genres, former movie theater, 900 cap., recently rennovated; 21KW PA, stage with 8 monitor mixes, lights, tech; all ages w/ beer balcony. Tech contact: Mark Melnichuk @ 541-791-8585 Fax: 541-791-4733    (1251)

 Veritable Quandry
Just started blues    (1252)

Blues    (1253)

 Veteran's Memorial Bldg.
Bands on various days, R&B, Blues, rock    (1255)

Sports, live music, food, blues.    (1257)

 Victory Music
Folk, blues...    (1258)

Rock bands on weekends, some country, classic rock.    (1259)

 Viking Lounge
Blues    (1260)

 Viking Union Commons

 Village Inn Tavern
Blues    (1262)

The  Vogue
Fetish Night Sundays(and they mean it!), live, and recorded music.    (1263)

 Wallowa Lake Festival of Music
Third full weekend in July, Friday and Saturday; Eagle Cap Wilderness Area, pop, blues, jazz (half-dozen bands).    (1267)

 Wanda's Food & Beverage House
Blues bands on weekends. Jazz on Wed., open jam Thurs.    (1268)

 Warner Pacific College
Various ethnic and classical concerts throughout the school year.    (1269)

 Washington Center
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1270)

 Washington County Fair
Usually first week of August, feature some national acts.    (1271)

 Washington Hall Performance Gallery
Various bands, genres...    (1272)

 Oregon Zoo
Steve Reischman books it: 503-234-9694; Variety of acts during the summer on the outdoor stage across from the Elephant House...    (1273)

 Washington State Fiddle Contest
Second weekend in May, Friday through Sunday; country fiddle    (1274)

 Water Music Festival
October 21-24, 1999    (1275)

 Waterfront Blues Festival
Annual event for the Oregon Food Bank, usually around the 4th of July weekend. Features national, regional and local blues, R&B and zydeco acts.    (1276)

 Waterfront Cafe
Some jazz, some blues, not definite on schedule    (1277)

 Waterfront Classics
Classical music on the waterfront    (1278)

 Waterin' Hole
Blues    (1279)

 Watershed Coffee House
Occasional acoustic acts.    (1280)

 Watertown Pub
Blues and rock bands on weekends, acoustic music on Wed.    (1281)

 Weathered Wall
[SEE I-Spy]    (1282)

 Wedgewood Ale House
Sat. night blues    (1283)

 Western Front
Jazz    (1284)

 Western Oregon University
Occasional music acts for arts programs    (1285)

 Western Vine Cafe
Jazz    (1286)

 Western Washington University
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1287)

 Westminster Presbyterian Church
Classical concerts    (1290)

 Westside Station
Some blues, classic rock, jams; PA, lights, stage    (1291)

 Westwood Inn
50s/60s Rock Fri., Sat.    (1292)

The  Wet Dog
Big, new blues club, holds about 500; stage, lights, board, no amps or mains.    (1293)

 Whatcom County Homemade Music Society
Place to do folksinging odd Wednesdays, 7:30-10pm    (1294)

 Wheeler Gallery
Some folk acts...    (1295)

 Whidbey Island Folk Festival
Consecutive Sundays in August    (1297)

 Whiskey Jacques'
Rock, blues, reggae weekends and some weekdays.    (1298)

 Whistle Stop Ale House
Rock and blues...    (1299)

 White Horse Restaurant and Lounge
Country - Rock weekends...    (1301)

 White Wolf Bar & Grill
Blues    (1302)

 Whitehorse Coffee Company
Folk acts.    (1303)

 Wichita Pub
Top 40/rock bands weekends...    (1304)

 Widmer Brothers Brewing
'Fermentation Celebration' annually; blues, R&B    (1305)

 Wild Duck Music Hall
Seats 300, 500 cap.; PA, lights, stage; folk rock, blues, some nationals. Brewery and restaurant onsite.    (1306)

 Wild Garlic Dinner House

 Wild Ginger Asian Restaurant
Jazz    (1308)

 Wild Rose
Rock, folk...    (1309)

 Wilf`s Restaurant
Piano bar, music W-Sa. Jazz trio Sat.    (1310)

 Willamalane Concerts in the Parks

 Willamette Cafe
Jazz W-F, 6-9 p.m.    (1312)

 Willamette Valley Brewing

 Willamette Valley Folk Festival
Festival    (1314)

 Willie D's
Live stand-up comedy Thurs. Occasional live music.    (1315)

 Windward Tavern
Some Blues...    (1316)

 Windy River
Some blues (Steamy Windows)    (1317)

 Wine Stein'z
Blues    (1318)

 Wintergrass Bluegrass Festival
Last weekend of Feb., annually, Tacoma, Washington Sheraton, Tacoma Hotel & Convention Center & First Baptist Church...    (1319)

 Winthrop Rhythm & Blues Festival
3rd weekend of July annually.    (1320)

 Wishing Well
probably ol' Ray McComb/country    (1321)

 WOMAD Festival
WOMAD USA is a triumphant celebration of the human spirit told through the universal language of music, arts and dance, presented for the first time ever in the United States in a three-day festival at Redmond's Marymoor Park.    (1322)

 Woodmark Hotel
Bluegrass/folk jams    (1323)

 Woodshed Lounge
Rock or blues bands Thu-Sat., blues jam Sundays.    (1324)

 Woodstock Cafe
Acoustic folk...drum circle...    (1325)

 World Forestry Center
Museum and occasional music venue.    (1326)

 WOW Hall
Cap. 400, PA, lights, stage, tech; all styles    (1327)

 WWU Carver Gym

 WWU Concert Hall

The  Yale Hotel
Blues venue    (1330)

 Yaquina Bay Restaurant
Banquet Facilities; Cocktail Lounges; Restaurants...Occasional jazz/blues/acoustic...    (1332)

Bluegrass/folk jams; jazz    (1333)

Jazz joint.    (1334)

 Zimbabwean Music Festival
Nov. 4-6    (1335)

 Zoka's Coffee Roasters
Jazz, Blues, Cajun Music & Dance; ALL AGES    (1336)

 Zoko Coffeehouse
Jazz joint...    (1337)

 Zoot Suite
Houses a variety of musical styles from electronica, rock, punk, alt rock, roots, garage and more. Rock shows are handled by Thrasher Presents. Capacity is about 600, all ages, although some shows are 21 & Over. There is also a full bar on premises for    (1338)

 5 Rivers Indian Restaurant
Some ethnic acoustic music...    (1344)

 Adam`s Place
Acoustic folk, jazz...    (1345)

 Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom
1000 capacity, booked for various kinds of events; (from kbevers@earthlink.net): Beautiful Place, 2nd. Floor Load in, Elevator ALWAYS mysteriously ''BREAKS'' for the load out. 2 15A AC circuits total for stage power AND lights.    (1346)

 Alessandro`s Italian Restaurant and Bar
Occasional acoustic jazz    (1347)

 Arnada Cafe
Want demo & pic to book. Cap. 149, house PA, stage, monitors, rock bands, acoustic, some jams.    (1348)

Very hot, very hip. Various NW and national artists. (Formerly MOE) - what used to be MOE. If you are a techno type act, you have a chance at playing here. Almost every night of the week is some variation on a gay disco night and live appearances are spo    (1349)

 Ash Street Saloon
Music 7 days/wk, small room, rock, folk & blues; stage, lights, mics, PA; cap. 80...New band nite on Sundays. Open Mike Mon.    (1350)

 Aztec Willie & Joey Rose
occasional Latin venue...    (1351)

 Bainbridge Performing Arts
Theaters, stages...City owned and operated...    (1352)

 Ballard Firehouse
Various artists, national acts, bar and restaurant. (Cap. 500) 'If you are a reformed 80's metal hairband we will see you here one day.'    (1353)

 Bar of the Gods
Alt. Rock/acoustic Thurs. Formerly 1201 CAFE...    (1354)

The  Beanery, Eugene
Acoustic...    (1355)

 Beasley Performing Arts Coliseum
Joseph Kerr, Director...Seats 12,000.    (1356)

 Bethel Congregational Church
Available as a venue for performances...    (1357)

Alt Rock...    (1358)

Piano music, some acoustic folk...    (1359)

 Black Forest
Old-time music, blues, folk, jazz...most days of the week. Monday night jam.    (1360)

 Blue Mountain Folklife Society
Sponsor various folk music and dance events around Pendleton...    (1361)

McMenamin's  Boone`s Treasury
Alt. rock, blues, 100 cap.; recently acquired by McMenamin`s...<br>    (1362)

The  Breakroom
Punk shows/alt rock...Capitol Hill`s only real band venue now MOE is gone. Always busy, pretty much guarranteed a huge crowd on weekends...    (1363)

 Breitenbush Hot Springs
A retreat center in the middle of the Detroit Lake forest area. Lots of music, usually acoustic alt folk, ethnic...    (1364)

 Broadway Center for the Performing Arts
Iincludes the historic Pantages and Rialto Theaters and the new state-of-the-art Theatre on the Square. Books approximately 25 world-class events each season. Offers many outreach activities to schools and the community. Rents the theaters to local and    (1365)

 Buffalo Gals
Folk, ethnic...    (1366)

 Buzz Coffeehouse
Acoustic, some bands on weekends...    (1367)

The  Capitol Theater
Multi-use theater, including rock shows...    (1368)

The  Caribou
Alt. Rock, some blues    (1369)

 Cheers To You
Blues jam Tues. with Tim Travis    (1370)

FryerTuck Restaurant  Cider Mill Lounge
Rock and blues bands on weekends...    (1371)

 Clancy Thurber's
Acoustic...    (1372)

Alternative rock club; 'Very hot spot to catch up n' comin' Seattle bands.'; 'You will make money on a weekend though, so if you're just trying to boost that recording budget, go for it. You will have zero fun and zero reaction though.'    (1373)

 Columbia Gorge Sternwheeler
Boat, occasional blues, rock, pop duos, 100 cap.    (1374)

 Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts
Multi-use venue, stages, lights...    (1375)

 Congregation Neveh Shalom
Special klezmer, ethnic jewish bands, performers, regional, national, international...Usually booked by the Mittleman Community Center...    (1376)

 Corvallis Folklore Society

The  Cutter Theater

 Da Vinci Days
Festival in celebration of arts, science and technology (usually the last weekend of July annually)...    (1380)

 Diamond Jim's
Acoustic folk, jazz...    (1381)

 Doc's Pad
Jazz, folk...    (1382)

 Double Tree Astoria
Classic Rock bands Wed.-Sun.    (1383)

 Doubletree Inn at the Quay
Top 40 W-Sa    (1384)

 Doubletree Inn, Coliseum
Piano bar...    (1385)

 Doubletree Inn, Downtown - Club Max
Jazz; piano bar...Occasional regional and national jazz acts...    (1386)

 Doubletree Inn, Lloyd Center
Piano bar Th-Sa; some one-man bands...    (1387)

The  Elysian
Jazz, some rock shows...A bar up on the 'Hill that has started hosting shows on its tiny dance floor on the weekends. Kinda cool...    (1388)

 Embassy Suites Hotel
Top 40 Fr-Sa    (1389)

 Emerald Queen Casino
Riverboat casino featuring variety acts...    (1390)

 Expo Center
Huge halls for expositions of all types    (1391)

The  Factory
Rock on weekends...    (1392)

 Fields Restaurant and Brew Pub
Bar, acoustic folk on weekends...    (1393)

 Fool's Paradise
Jazz, classical piano..    (1394)

 Friday's Espresso
Jazz trios/quartets Fridays...    (1395)

Seasonal jazz, classical, shopping mall    (1396)

Techno, DJs and some live music--Folk, world, Latin, salsa, reggae bands    (1397)

 Harold's, Sheraton Inn
Piano bar, some jazz...    (1398)

 Hilton Hotel
Occasional piano jazz (see also Alexander's)...    (1399)

 Hotel Vintage Plaza
Some jazz...    (1400)

 Jo Federigo's
Acoustic folk or jazz weekends, open mike Mondays...    (1401)

 Jubitz Truck Stop
Mailing List: 503-240-5850; Country music 7 nights/wk., 450 cap.    (1402)

 Kell`s Irish Pub
Irish music 7 nights/wk., 200 cap.    (1403)

 Key Largo
(SEE Ohm)    (1404)

 Kirkland Performance Center
Symphony, chamber concerts, along with musicals and theater productions...    (1405)

 Lane Community College Events
Various imported music events...    (1406)

 Lincoln Theatre
Films to concerts...    (1407)

 Maxwell's Lounge
Rock on weekends...open 24 hours...    (1408)

 Mickey Finn's
(FORMERLY FLANDERS STREET PUB - PORTLAND BREWING) Cap. 180; A wide array of mostly acoustic acts Fri./Sat.    (1409)

 Mid-Columbia Folklore Society
Monthly sponsored folk music events and dances...    (1410)

 Mill Camp Saloon
Some rock shows, few nationals...    (1411)

 Monte Carlo
R&B Sundays...Reggae Tuesdays.    (1412)

 Mrs. B's
Country, some blues 7 nights/wk., 350 cap.    (1413)

 Mt. Angel Brewing Company
7,500 sq. ft. Bavarian/Barbecue theme restaurant and Microbrewery. Full service restaurant seats 400+. German music for special events...    (1414)

 Mt. Hood Meadows Lounge
Rock, blues, alt. rock, ski season only, Th-Sa., call before 4:30p    (1415)

 Mt. Tabor Theater Pub
Alt. rock, folk, reggae jams; Tu-Su, 250 cap.; PA, stage, lights; opened Acoustic Room 5/99, reggae jam Mondays.    (1416)

 Multnomah Athletic Club
Usually has jazz in the club lounge area...    (1417)

 Norse Hall
Old dance hall for events...    (1418)

 Off Ramp

Now owned-managed by Dan Reed. Varied genres and events...techno-dance, DJs, space bands, rap, poetry, theater...    (1420)

 OK Hotel
Alt. Rock acts...nice place, cool vibe, big area, good sound. Sadly, hard to fill out because its down by the water under the viaduct and a lot of locals keep away...    (1421)

 Oregon Electric Street
Jazz on weekends...    (1422)

 Portland Art Museum
Does Museum After Hours on Wednesdays featuring local and regional acts all genres (off during the summer months).    (1423)

 Portland Bureau of Parks
Sponsors music events in various city parks throughout the summer months...    (1424)

 Portland State University
Frequent public events at the Lincoln Performance Hall & Smith Center Ballroom...    (1425)

 Raden`s Restaurant & Lounge
Rock, alt. rock weekends    (1426)

The  Rage
(formerly The City) Occasional alt. rock acts, gay club    (1427)

The  Refectory
Top 40...blues jam Mon.    (1428)

McMenamin's  Rock Creek Tavern
Some acoustic acts intermittently; recently acquired McMenamin's as new owners.    (1429)

 Romo's La Jara
Mexican rest. occasional jazz    (1430)

 Roseburg Folklore Society
Sponsor music/dance events monthly...    (1431)

 Royal Blend Coffeehouse
Acoustic folk, usually for brunch...    (1432)

 Rudy Tutti`s
SEE BRANDY`S    (1433)

 Sacred Grounds Coffee House

 Santorini Restaurant & Lounge
Variety duos/trios Th-Sa...    (1435)

 Senor Frog's
Latin, salsa...    (1436)

The  Shark Club
Pop, rock cover bands.    (1437)

The  Showbox Theater
Alt. rock; some jazz    (1438)

 Smile Station
Rental hall for various purposes...    (1439)

 Snake & Weasel
Folk, acoustic, alt rock Tu-Su...    (1440)

 Stage 97
R&B, blues, jazz...    (1441)

 Starbuck's Beaverton
Acoustic alt folk, some bands...    (1442)

 Studio 321
Bluegrass/folk jams; regional and national folk & ethnic acts...    (1443)

 Tacoma Musical Playhouse
Presents a season of five quality musical theater productions. Educational opportunities are available throughout the year. Our goal is to present quality shows at affordable prices.    (1444)

Acoustic and alt rock on weekends...    (1445)

 Thrasher Presents
Promotes shows at Paradigm, Roseland, Satyricon, Berbati`s, etc.    (1446)

 Three Rivers Folklife Society
3 or 4 performances/month Sept-June    (1447)

 Three Square Grill
Acoustic folk acts Su (brunch),Th...    (1448)

 Timberline Lodge
Seasonal (ski), acoustic folk...    (1449)

 Tiny Tavern
Bluegrass on Mondays...    (1450)

 Uncle Milt's
Acoustic ethnic folk, mostly Irish, some jazz...    (1451)

 Uptown Tavern
Friday and Saturday night shows. Rock, Punk, Alternatve, Jazz and Blues Fusion. Min. Guarantee,Free draft beer for band members, 2 digitaly recorded CD`s of show.    (1452)

 Valley River Inn
Variety combos and piano...    (1453)

 Vet's Club
Pop, blues, swing...    (1454)

 Vic's Tavern
A venue that a loud rock'n'roll band could be allowed to play in...    (1455)

ALT ROCK    (1456)

 Walla Walla Friends of Acoustic Music
Sponsor various acoustic music events throughout the year...    (1457)

 Washington Center for the Performing Art
Various concerts in all genres...    (1458)

 Whidbey Island Center for the Arts
Various regional and national acts of all genres.    (1459)

McMenamin's  White Eagle Saloon
Blues or rock Fr-Sa, 110 cap., Portland`s oldest saloon. Hosted Robert Cray`s early days; stage, some lights, dancefloor.    (1460)

Venue of choice for the Jazz Society of Oregon national act bookings, usually a show a month. Otherwise, piano bar.    (1461)

 Yama's Cafe
Folk, acoustic, ethnic musicians...    (1462)

Jazz on weekends...    (1464)

A popular spot for local talent as well as<br> premier folk, blues, and jazz artists.    (1465)

The  Laughing Clam
Regional and national folk acts...    (1466)

 Whistler Restaurant & Lounge
On Thursday nights, the restaurant hosts Open Mic Night, featuring an ever-changing lineup of musicians from all over the state.    (1467)

 Lord Bennett's
Full service bar. Live Music 7 p.m. weekends. Rock, variety acts.    (1468)

 Spaghetti West

The  Hideaway Restaurant & Lounge

 Timber Inn Restaurant & Lounge
Intermittent folk and acoustic acts.    (1471)

 Frank`s Restaurant & Lounge
Intermittent live entertainment...    (1473)

Rock on weekends...    (1474)

 Hollyhurst Neighborhood Grill

 Pistol River Concert Association
Arrange special concerts in scenic venues indoors and out...    (1476)

 Fulton Community Center
Rental hall for contra dances and occasional national touring folk acts...    (1477)

 Bluegrass at the Beach Music Camp
3rd week of August annually...outstanding national talent...    (1478)

 Twin Rivers Traditional Music Festival
A one-day festival in July annually, dedicated to traditional American music.    (1479)

 Skylight Theatre & Pub
Occasional acoustic touring acts. This is mostly a movie theater that serves beer & pizza.    (1480)

The Craterian  Ginger Rogers Theater
National folk venue, theater productions, lectures, comedians...Multi-use facility...    (1481)

 Ross Ragland Theater
Multi-use facility for touring folk musicians, and local theater productions...    (1482)

 Bombs Away Cafe
Acoustic music off and on...    (1483)

 Grass Roots Books & Music
Books, records, tapes and in-store music appearances/ performances.    (1484)

The  Gypsy
Live music on occasion, mostly cocktail retro stuff...    (1485)

 Cheerful Tortoise
One-man bands on weekends...college beer joint. Some duos/trios    (1486)

 Fernando's Hideaway
Flamenco shows on weekends...    (1487)

 Hawthorne Street Ale House
Intermittent acoustic folk on weekend....    (1488)

 Multnomah Art Center
A multi-function facility sponsored by the city, for arts and crafts for the community. Folk dances and family sing-a-longs, and the occasional classical or folk concert...    (1489)

 Eagle Creek Inn
Blues-Rock bands on weekends.    (1490)

 Pal Joeys
Classic rock bands on weekends...    (1491)

 Manila Express
Blues rock jams Wed. bands on weekends...    (1492)

 Stanley's Corner
Th-Sa, "wide variety of listening and dancing music."    (1493)

 Jazz in the Valley
3 day jazz/blues festival in Ellensburg WA July 30, 31 Aug. 17 venues Fri and Sat nites outdoor festival Sat 12-7. Beer garden, wine tasting, art shows, more. About 17 bands. Festival pass only $25.    (1494)

 Typhoon Imperial Lounge
In the Imperial Hotel. Jazz on weekends...    (1495)

 Paris Theater
Does 10--15 rock shows a month; some road bands, mostly local.    (1496)

 Back Alley
As of Jan. 1, 2002--NO MORE LIVE MUSIC - DJs only    (1497)

 Medicine Hat Gallery
Intermittent live music. Mostly used as a rental hall for bands to put on shows. Alternate number: 503-778-7700    (1498)

Live SALSA music on some Saturdays, DJ music Thursday and Friday, other Saturdays. Somewhat Tex-Mex oriented.    (1499)

 El Caribe Nightclub
(Located inside the Casa Colonial Restaurant). Latin music four nights a week, some live, some DJ. Dance lessons.    (1500)

 China Clipper
Bands on weekends, blues jam on Sundays...$2 cover on weekends.    (1501)

 RC's Sports Bar & Grill
Bands on Saturdays--blues and rock. Blues jam on Thursdays.    (1502)

 J & M Cafe & Cardroom
Blues jam on Sundays...    (1503)

 Untapped Blues and Brews Festival
Annual festival 1st or 2nd week of May. Benton-Franklin County Fairgrounds, Kennewick, Washington. Price: $15 Advanced / $20 at the Gate (Includes Commemorative Tasting Glass).    (1504)

 Wildhorse Casino Resort
Blues, R&B Acts once a month - 'Blues in the Bingo Hall'...    (1505)

 Out A Bounz
Blues every Wed.    (1506)

 Howlin' For Spring Blues Festival
Held at the Mighty Quinn Restaurant, 2nd week of May.    (1507)

 Woodstick Festival
$2 and 1 can of food per person or $5 and 1 can per family/group (Food donated to The Walla Walla Food Bank). A fun little all day family music festival at the foot of the Blue Mountains just outside of Walla Walla...    (1508)

 Red, White & Blues Festival
On the riverfront in downtown Corvallis, July 4th; An Independence Day celebration like a scene out of Norman Rockwell's America...    (1509)

 Issaquah Jazz Festival
Last weekend of August.    (1510)

 Issaquah Blues Festival
July 31 Annually.    (1511)

 Tualatin Crawfish Festival
Dates for 1999 are Friday, August 13 (evening only, Tualatin. Live music and other entertainment.    (1512)

 Brewster’s Backyard Blues Picnic
Sometime in May...    (1513)

 Tacoma Blues Bash
Proceeds go toward working capitol for the Children's Museum of Tacoma. Formerly the Blues & Brews Festival, it has evolved into a family festival ... the over 21 restriction is gone since there are now beer gardens instead of the primary focus being mic    (1514)

 Kettle Full a` Blues
"Not the biggest festival in the state ... just the best!" This little non-profit blues festival in north central Washington offers six shows and 10 hours of music in the heart of the Kettle Range mountains. Tickets are $12 in advance and $18 at the gate    (1515)

 Cascade Head Music Festival
International chamber music talent gathers here Thursdays and Saturdays in June. Performances at St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church (1226 SW 13th St.)    (1516)

 Sharky's Grill
New jazz club. Music six nights a week.    (1517)

 Bauman Auditorium

 Garlic Festival
Annual last weekend of May...    (1519)

 Street Music Festival
July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 1999, the first Street Music Festival will take place in the heart of the Palouse, in Pullman, Washington. We envision to have all types of music represented.    (1520)

The  Windseeker by the Port Restaurant & Pub
Alt Rock acts periodically.    (1521)

The  Library Inn
Solo and duo acoustic acts on Saturdays...    (1523)

 Merchant's Deli
Mostly local acts, some national touring acts...    (1524)

 Per's Pub & Eatery

 Midway Pub

Capitol Hill  Coffee Messiah
"Coffee Saves" ... Wed. & Thurs. acoustic alt folk, jazz, beatnik...Spoken word, drumming and other live entertainment is scheduled on some nights.    (1527)

 Cheers Too! Pub
Occasional live music for seasonal events. Diamond Knot Brewery's pub.    (1528)

 Oregon Brewers Festival
Always the last full weekend in July. Various bands and LOTS of beer.    (1529)

 Green Cat Cafe
Acoustic folk on weekends, some blues.    (1530)

 Carina Bar & Grill
Sunday brunch jazz...Latin/salsa DJs on weekends.    (1531)

Club with a history...still alive...    (1532)

The  Backdoor Lounge
Piano bar, DJ, dancing, Local bands...    (1533)

The  Motion Lounge
Comedy, live dance music...    (1534)

 Siskiyou Micro Pub
Acoustic fiddle players, folksingers, etc...    (1535)

 Alex`s Plaza Restaurant
Jazz most Wednesdays...    (1536)

The  Bridge

 Cafe Electra
Jazz night takes place at 7 p.m. every Monday. There is no cover charge.    (1538)

 Callahan`s Siskiyou Lodge
Ski lodge for Mount Ashland. Jazz Friday and Saturday nights.    (1539)

 Cascade Gorge Christian Church


 Downtown Gourmet
Open mike nights held some Fridays.    (1542)

 Evo's Java House

Top 40, Rock Bands on weekends...    (1544)

 Hamilton River House
Jazz and swing blues every Friday and Saturday, 8 to 11 p.m., featuring a trio three weekends a month, a quartet the fourth.    (1545)

 Herb's La Casita
Shenanigan's Lounge -- Top 40 on weekends...    (1546)

 Homestead Lounge
An open jam takes place from 7:30 to 11:30 p.m. every Thursday. A western jam with the Outlaws takes place from 6:30 to 10:30 p.m. every Sunday. There is no cover charge.    (1547)

 Jack's Tally Ho
Jam session Sunday nights...    (1548)

 JD`s Sports Pub & Deli
Weekend warriors unite! Change-of-pace sports pub with American cuisine, off-track betting, live music and a large dance floor...    (1549)

 Mac's Diner
Tavern, restaurant -- 50's-60's on weekends...    (1550)

Live jazz is played from 8 to 11 p.m. Mondays by the Martino`s Jazz Quintet.<br>    (1551)

Full bar, Top 40 Tuesday through Saturday.    (1552)

 Medford Depot

(Restaurant, deli, caterers, full bar) Jazz duos/trios on weekends...    (1554)

 Osprey Brew Pub
Rock, Hip Hop, DJs, dancing, open mikes Monday and Tuesday.    (1555)

 Pangea Grills and Wraps
Musicians, poets, comedians, anyone with talent, is welcome to take part in the open mike from 7 to 9 p.m. every Tuesdays.    (1556)

 Peppercorn Lounge
Variety of music, entertainment and karaoke throughout the week, starting at 9 p.m.    (1557)

 Riverside Lounge
A variety of music and entertainment throughout the week, starting at 9 p.m.    (1558)

 Roadhouse Grill
From 7 p.m. to midnight every night, a singer roams the room doing country-western songs.    (1559)

 Rock Point Bistro
piano bar with Bill Breedslove, 8 to midnight Friday and Saturday.    (1560)

 Shenandoah Inn Lounge
Hotel, restaurant, full bar...Top 40 on weekends.    (1561)

 Standing Stone Brewing Company
Top 40, R&B, dance bands on weekends...    (1562)

Music most Friday and Saturday nights.    (1563)

 Wild Goose Cafe
Jazz Sundays, blues Tues., Thurs., variety Fri.    (1564)

 Peerless Restaurant
Adjacent to hotel...jazz on weekends, some acoustic classical acts.    (1565)

 Volcanic Rock Festival
6th Annual '98, last weekend of July -- On the Deschutes National Forest 20 miles west of Bend, Oregon...    (1566)

 Acapulco Bar & Grill
Live Music some weekends. Please call for times & bands.    (1567)

 Bank Brewing Company
Live Music Thursdays 8 pm with Simpson's Reef. Call for more info.    (1568)

 Coney Station
Microbrews, full bar. Thur - Sat nights Dance Club 9 pm - 2 am with bands from Eugene, local towns and other areas too.    (1569)

 Gooney's Sports Bar
Live Music most Fri & Sat nights starting 8:30 pm; acoustic, rock, 50s/60s.    (1570)

Rock on weekends...    (1571)

 Kleoni's Blue Moon Lounge
Live Music Fri. & Sat.    (1572)

 Lakeshore Lodge
Music Sat. nights...singles, synth/MIDI players.    (1573)

The  Mill
Acoustic solo in lobby, classic rock bands in casino, 50's-60's...    (1574)

 Portside Restaurant & Lounge
Acoustic single for dinner music 6-9 p.m.    (1575)

 Osprey Point Pub
Live Music Fri & Sat. 7 - 12 pm    (1576)

 Bill's Tavern
Acoustic singles on Sat. nites.    (1577)

The  Club
Full bar, alt rock on weekends...    (1578)

 Pacific Rim Gallery & Cafe
Solo acoustic/piano acts Th., Fri.    (1580)

 American Legion - Seaside
Various duos and bands on weekends, variety of genres.    (1581)

 Reid`s Pit Stop
Bands on weekends...    (1582)

 Casa Maria's Cantina
Live music on weekends. Some blues and rock, mostly Mexican...    (1583)

 Hawaiian Cafe
Daily acoustic live Hawaiian music...    (1584)

Blues rock bands most weekends...    (1585)

The  Backstage
For over 10 years The Backstage has presented the finest in local, national, and international music.    (1586)

 Mac's Summer Boogie Bar-B-Q
Annual party outside of Portland Brewing Co. Two days of beer and great music, along with performance artists, visual artists and great food.    (1587)

 Portland Arts Festival
Annually, June 25-27 (or thereabouts). Visual and performance artists, bands of all genres...South Park Blocks at PSU, this free event features the works of 125 outstanding juried artists from around Oregon and the US. Artists compete for $10,000 in ca    (1588)

 Washington Park Zoo
[SEE Oregon Zoo]    (1590)

Also houses a deli and meat market. Some solo piano in the deli, and jazz duos and trios...    (1592)

 Walla Walla Sweet Onion Blues Festival
numerous booths celebrating the Walla Walla Sweet Onion Harvest, games for the young and young at heart, cooking demonstrations, arts and crafts and information about Walla Walla in general, and everyones favorite onion in particular. Oh, yes, and music    (1593)

 Pain in the Grass
Several Saturdays June-August, rock bands play to support the hemp cause...    (1594)

 Horning's Hideout
Has a small amphitheater on the property that attracts several local grass-roots festivals - adding music and celebration to its extraordinary list of qualities.    (1595)

 Pepper's Club
Features regional acts and national touring bands...    (1596)

 Sunsets on the Bay Concerts
Zuanich Point Park on the Bellingham Bay feature regional and national touring acts over starting July 4th weekend and continuing through the summer.    (1597)

 Wild Buffalo House of Music
Wild Buffalo features only live Blues, R&B, funk, folk rock, world beat, and rock and roll music in an exquisite smoke free environment. Doors open at 7pm. Tuesday through Saturday.    (1598)

 Brown Lantern Ale House
presents live music most weekends. The pub also has Open Jam Thursdays with the area's finest acoustic musicians performing; an unplugged event hosted by Jack Hamilton, from 8 p.m. to 1 a.m. No cover.    (1599)

 Flounder Bay Cafe
Solo, duos for Sunday brunch... (the place sells YACHTS, too)...    (1600)

 Majestic Hotel
1.31.01 - THE ASSOCIATED PRESS - ANACORTES -- The historic Majestic Hotel was badly damaged by fire last night. Nobody was injured in the blaze at the hotel, which was vacant and up for sale. The building was constructed in 1889.    (1601)

 O'Blarney's Irish Pub

The  Upstage
Tavern, Music, Concerts, Readings, Lectures    (1603)

 Embarcadero Hotel & Marina
Live Jazz in the Lounge Every Friday & Saturday...    (1604)

 Truffle Hunter
Occasional jazz on weekends...    (1605)

 Montinore Vineyards
Various jazz events throughout the summer....    (1606)

 Pavilion Lounge
(In the Cannery Mall) Various jazz events on weekends...    (1607)

 LaSells Stewart Center of Performing Art
A primary performance venue in Corvallis for theater and music concerts.    (1608)

 Uncle Hungry`s
Probably closed by now...    (1609)

 Porky's Cafe & Lounge
Full bar...    (1610)

 Sunriver Music Festival
Sunriver Community Church; July 3, 1999; M.A.O. Ensemble -- Oboe, Violin, Viola And Cello, Mozart, Britten, Krommer Tickets $10...    (1611)

 General Canby Day
General Canby Day, which is sponsored by the city, has activities for all. Wait Park is surrounded by many food, craft and game booths. The gazebo hosts a wide variety of musical entertainment performed throughout mo    (1612)

 Corvallis Fall Festival
Last weekend of Sept. annually, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Park-Corvallis. One of the Northwest's Premier    (1613)

 Cascade Festival of Music
Concert series conducted by Murray Sidlin between August & Sept. annually. Classical and world music is featured. Series is non-profit relying on grants from arts organizations and government institutions.    (1614)

 Taste of Beaverton
Annual event featuring regional and national acts, lots o' food and beer, and arts and crafts. Usually the 2nd or 3rd weekend of July sponsored by the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce.    (1615)

 Mission Mill
Five acre park features pioneer houses, a top-quality museum store, village shops, a cafe and unique spaces to rent for any occasion. Seasonal music from big band jazz to folk... A museum keeps 'em coming back...    (1616)

 Westminster Chapel
The official venue for the Bellevue Philharmonic. Other concert events are also held there of various genres.    (1617)

 Music on the Green Concerts
Summer concert series presented by the Portland Parks Dept. and the City of Sherwood.    (1618)

 Hood River Bluegrass Festival
New four-day bluegrass music festival. First annual Aug. 19-22, 1999. Nationals and regionals. (I-84 to exit 64, Hwy. 35 S. to Odell Junction, follow signs).    (1619)

 Oregon Wine & Food Festival
The Oregon Wine and Food Festival in August    (1621)

The  Bite of Salem
Enjoy the sights and sounds of Salem as you experience fine food from local restaraunts, and wonderful live music performed on various stages around the park. Usually the last weekend of July. Sponsored    (1622)

 Newberg Vintage Fest
For two days, weekend following Labor Day...Old cars, balloons, food, entertainment...jazz, blues, dixieland...Chamber of Commerce sponsors, event held at Sportsmen's Airpark.    (1623)

 Vancouver Wine & Jazz Festival
Last weekend of Sept., 8th & Columbia streets downtown Vancouver.    (1624)

 Collage of Culture
Celebrate cultural diversity through the modes of music, dance, foods, arts, crafts, youth activities and educational programs. Held end of May annually in Friendship Park off Fourth Street in Madras.    (1625)

 Mardi Gras Carnival
2nd week of Feb. at the Crooked River Ranch outside Bend. Music, food, dancing, and golf tournament.    (1626)

 Hoodoo Roundup
February 13 Snowboarders’ Event with live music, chuckwagon dinner & bullriding contest at Hoodoo Ski Bowl...    (1627)

 Hoodoo-Sisters Winter Carnival
February 20 Oregon’s largest party on snow includes sleigh rides, music, a fireworks display & skiing...    (1628)

 Mirror Pond Community Art Gallery
"People of Letters & Lyrics", Second Saturday of each month at Mirror Pond Gallery at 8 p.m. Readings & music based on a monthly theme.    (1629)

 Central Oregon Songwriters Association
Monthly showcase of area songwriters.    (1630)

 Empire Room
Music on weekdays...prefer originals artists    (1631)

 Mr. Spot`s Chai House
Open mike and even Tarot readings fill an interesting bill...Small room, seats 30, small PA, musicians play for tips 6 nights a week.    (1632)

 Alberta Station Ballroom
Originally an Odd Fellows Hall, now a multi-use facility with a 500 person capacity. Approx. 4100 sq. ft., prep kitchen, refrigeration, full bar, balcony. $800/day    (1633)

The  Big Guy Sports Club & Restaurant
Bands on weekends...    (1634)

The  Skoolhouse
Periodic punk shows...    (1635)

The  Glass Factory
500 capacity, all ages with bar. Temporarily closed by fire marshall (10/99)    (1636)

 Pacific University - Taylor-Meade Perfor
Seasonal public concerts at the Performing Arts Center, usually classical, chamber or celebratory. Some national jazz and world music acts.    (1637)

 Willamette University - Smith Auditorium
Hudson Hall, Smith Auditorium, Rogers Hall are main venues used.    (1638)

 Albina Coffee House
Coffee house that features live jazz Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. House band is the Albina Jazz Ensemble    (1639)

 52nd Avenue Sports Bar
Live music Wed. & Fri., full bar.    (1640)

The  Wine Bottle
Acoustic duos Fri., Sat.    (1641)

 International Open Air Fair
Annual, Sept. 19, 1999. Music, artisans, magicians, kids activities.    (1642)

The  Highway House
Occasional acoustic music on weekends...    (1643)

 Club Underground
Classic Rock and blues Mon., Tues., Wed., and Sun.    (1644)

The  Moosehead
Budget rock and blues bands on weekends...    (1645)

 Paradise Grill
Full bar, bands on weekends    (1646)

 Galley Restaurant & Lounge
Tuesday blues...    (1647)

 Nick`s Italian Cafe
Occasional jazz acts, some touring jazz acts. Gourmet Italian restaurant with five-course meals.    (1648)

The  Blarney Stone
Live music Wed.-Sun., reggae on Sundays.    (1649)

 Reed College Kaul Auditorium
Chamber Music NW uses Kaul Aud. as their season venue. Other local regional jazz and classical performances are held here.    (1650)

Jazz or jazz-rock bands on the weekends...    (1651)

 Old World Pub & Brewery
Newly opened (9/99). Occasional Celtic or Irish acoustic acts on weekends. Very live acoustics, no stage, no lights, no sound. Approx. 200 capacity.    (1652)

 Max's Place

 Humble Pie
Some acoustic folk bands on weekends...    (1654)

Jazz on Sun. nights 7-10 pm...    (1656)

 Station 315
Regional and national touring rock acts...    (1657)

 Red Kelly`s Restaurant
Regional and national jazz acts.    (1658)

 Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center
Host cultural diversity programs in theater and music.    (1659)

 St. Clair Productions
I produce a once or twice a month acoustic music series at the Unitarian Fellowship in Ashland. The series runs September through May. Church holds 300. Shows are usually Friday or Saturday.    (1660)

 Noah`s Wine Bar
Acoustic blues, classical and jazz singles/duos on weekends.    (1661)

 Skyway Bar & Grill
Formerly Salazar`s...Various genres on weekends. Open jam Thurs. Want to see a CD for booking.    (1662)

 Mt. Olivet Church
Saturday night coffee house with light jazz combos...    (1663)

 Big Horse Brew House
Touring and regional acoustic folk acts on weekends...    (1665)

 North Star Ballroom
Recently rennovated general use space for all types of private and public performance, literary events, meetings, etc.    (1666)

Bands on Fridays...set up on floor, no lights, no sound, move tables to make room...low dough, low volume.    (1668)

 Farmer`s Barn
Open mike on Sundays...(acoustic)    (1669)

 Viscount Ballroom
The only dance-dedicated ballroom in Portland. Dance with us and enjoy the splendor of the golden age of dance.    (1670)

Small stage, sound, lights. Piano, low volume. Trios-Quartets, electric OK. Small room (50), bands play for the door ($2-$3 cover). Bands on the rooftop weather permitting...    (1671)

The  Twilight Cafe
Blues jam Thurs.    (1672)

 Wet Willy`s
Blues and rock bands on weekends most of the time. Small stage in the front window. No sound, minimal lights. Biker hangout, small (50 cap.). Wed. jam usually. (Beer & wine)    (1673)

Art gallery. Periodic alt rock shows on weekends.    (1674)

 Klondike`s Restaurant & Saloon
Blues rock on weekends.    (1675)

 Hot Seat
Bands on weekends, Wed., Thurs., Sunday Jam.    (1676)

Blues on Saturdays...    (1677)

 Moonlight Theater
A movie theater inside a pizza place, used periodically for concerts of various genres.    (1678)

 Toledo Folk Music Club
Sponsors folk music events at various locations in the Toledo area--local, regional and some nationals.    (1679)

 Sweets BBQ
Bands on Saturdays...    (1680)

 Brandy`s, Portland
Formerly Rutti Tutti`s and Galway`s...live music Th-Sa, open mike Th.    (1681)

 St. Andrews Presbyterian Church
Liturgical and non-secular musical events, choral, organ, special seasonal events.    (1682)

 City Grill at the Briarwood Inn
Jazz weekends 8-11 p.m.    (1683)

 Your Break Tavern
Blues rock on weekends...    (1684)

 Billy Reed`s Restaurant & Bar
Blues and jazz six nights a week (Tu-Su).    (1685)

The  Rain Dancer
Live entertainment on weekends, usually alt folk pop, and acoustic. Full bar.    (1686)

 Touchstone Coffee House
Acoustic acts on weekends.    (1688)

 Mountain Shots Espresso
Bands on weekends.    (1689)

 Royal Bear Tavern
To bring you the finest live entertainment, local and national bands, cocktails, food, service, atmosphere, and activities at the hottest night club in south King County.    (1690)

 Fiesta Bar
Music weekends...    (1691)

 Club Broadway
Bands on weekends...    (1692)

The  Skinny
Possible all ages place. Not in phone book--data from touring band...    (1693)

 Cafe Paradiso
All ages venue. Coffeehouse serving beer and wine, Seats 80-90    (1694)

Bands on Fridays & Saturdays...<br>    (1695)

 Nesika Little Theater
We are a 200 seat venue on the south Oregon coast. We are a non-profit community theater and concert hall. Some of our past shows featured Kelly Joe Phelps,    (1696)

The  Oregon Espresso Company
Near the main central escalators. Casual atmosphere with couches, great coffee, and great<br> healthy food. Music Fridays 6-8.    (1697)

 Blues By The Sea
Annual blues festival with regional-level acts.    (1698)

 Lake Oswego Parks & Recreation
Several concerts in several parks in Lake Oswego presented every summer, local and regional talent.    (1699)

 Meow Meow
Alt Rock bands periodically. (Formerly Stage 4 Theater)    (1700)

 Goble Tavern
Blues, rock, country, rockabilly Fri/Sat. and Wed.    (1701)

 Brokentop Clubhouse
Jazz some evenings...dinner set.    (1702)

 Mariachi Northwest
Join us in 2001 for the third annual Mariachi Northwest festival, to be held April 18-21, 2001. Students perfect their skills with the leading Mariachi performers, then perform in concert.    (1703)

 House of Groove
DJ haven, but has a full bar and the occasional live music show.    (1704)

 McMenamins Grand Lodge
Originally a residence for the "elderly and infirm" back in the 20`s. Now a flagship McMenamin`s site. Live music Saturdays in the Wine Bar, usually acoustic--some bands.    (1705)

 Rolling Log Tavern
Rustically charming biker bar, rocks out on the weekends with regional bands.    (1706)

 The Creek Coffeehouse
The first Saturday of every month --7:00pm -- Live music; free admission; relaxed atmosphere<br> <br>    (1707)

 Salvador Molly`s Cafe
Various acoustic acts on weekends.    (1708)

Linn-Benton CC  Benton Center
Hosts monthly dance club events, other community-centered activities, and classes.    (1709)

Alt rock shows, some all ages, vegan food.    (1710)

 Zak`s Fifth Avenue Saloon
Punk and Alt Rock shows, some metal    (1711)

 Agate Hall (U of O Campus)
Acts as a community-service production presentation space for various genres of local bands.    (1712)

 Corvallis Art Center
A not-for-profit educational arts organization. Sponsors and organizes festivals and concerts series.    (1713)

 Dishman Community Center
offers a variety of recreational facilities, including a stage, weight room, pool, etc.    (1714)

 Loner Palace
Features 1200 sq. ft. of basement to accomodate bands, poets, performance art and art openings.    (1715)

All-ages, smoke and alcohol free venue. We are a non-profit organization that gives music lessons to low-income kids and also helps promote local bands.    (1717)

 Hood River Acoustic Slide Festival
Held annually in November with national and regional blues acts.    (1718)

 Decoy Saloon
Family owned since 1978. Acoustic blues on the weekends. "It`s a small little place, and the owners are real nice and the drinks are real strong!"--Lynn Ann Hyde    (1720)

 Blue Note Lounge
Jazz, Funk Jazz, Latin jazz throughout week. Jazz jam Tuesdays.    (1721)

 Chez Ray`s
Live music most nights. New stage and bar.    (1722)

 Montavilla Community Center
Multi-purpose facility run by Portland Parks & Recreation. Some touring folk acts have used it to present their shows.    (1723)

 Kirkland Senior Center
Multiuse facility. Local bands can hold shows there (no alcohol).<br>    (1724)

 the paradox theater- all ages
the paradox theater is the only exclusive all ages venue in the city of seattle. as one of the oldest movie theaters in the city it has been recreated as an excellent music venue with amazing acoustics and a very intimate vibe.    (1725)

 Benny`s Tavern
Small blues joint, but sincere. Local bands on weekends. Nice folks.    (1726)

 Reverb Records
Jazz and folk on some weekends, and sometimes other nights.    (1727)

 Seattle Art Museum
Museum After Hours Thursdays throughout the year features regional musicians and bands of varying genres.    (1728)

 Highline Performing Arts Center
The Performing Arts Center opened in April of 1991 and is now home to many great music, theater and dance organizations.    (1729)

For the gothic/industrial crowd. Mostly DJ`s, but bands are featured frequently. Featuring Dj`s Slowdive, Mistress Cahtherinna and Peter!!    (1730)

 The Cookhouse
Small venue which is rapidly growing. Currently looking to book acts.    (1731)

Portland`s only stripper bar with live Blues on Saturday nights.    (1732)

The  GO Club
Reggae, folk funk three nights a week. Comedy on Thursdays.    (1733)

 Tugboat Annie`s Waterfront Bar
Blues and reggae during the week.    (1734)

 Charlie`s Tavern

Benson Hotel  El Gaucho
Live latin folk guitar music performed nightly.    (1736)

Music sporadically throughout the week. Frequent owner turnover in this former Masonic Temple on the corner of Hawthorne & 39th.    (1737)

 Fez Ballroom
Booking Line: Ext. 23 - 500 person capacity. All shows are 21 and over with full bar. Credit cards accepted and ATM on site. Public and Private Events. Mailing address: Fez Ballroom, Attn: Chuck Thomas, 1035 SW Stark, Portland, OR 97205    (1738)

 O`Connor`s (Multnomah)
Acoustic jazz weekends, duos, trios.    (1739)

 Portland Civic Auditorium
[see KELLER AUDITORIUM] - renamed...    (1740)

JazzTrax  Winter Into Spring Music Festival
March 22-25, 2001 - Bridging Two Seasons, national jazz acts.    (1741)

 Mojo Cafe
Mojo Cafe is a new Blues & Jazz Club in Southern Oregon. We feature the best local, regional and national musicians - as well as the best food New Orleans has to offer. Check us out for the best new venue in town - the heart and soul of New Orleans has come to Ashland. The Mojo Cafe!    (1742)

 Boogie Woogie`s
First club in Portland to feature the "dueling pianos" format Wed.-Sun. Headed up by master boogie-woogie piano player, Van Walraven.    (1743)

 Harborside Bar & Grill
Some alt rock and folk rock bands on weekends.    (1744)

Acoustic blues, open mikes...    (1745)

 Cafe Silver Lake
Blues rock on the weekends...    (1746)

Various regional and national blues, R&B acts 7 nights a week.    (1747)

 Pegasus Coffee House
Live music on Saturday nights.    (1748)

 Capital Lakefair Festival
Capital Lakefair is one of the largest festivals in the state of Washington. The majority of the activities take place near Capitol Lake.    (1749)

 Sunset Tavern
Blues jam on Mondays, rock bands on weekends. The low ceilings and absence of stage makes you feel like you`ve happened upon a house party.    (1750)

 Sweet Oregon Grill
Folk artists on weekends...    (1751)

 Bliss Steak Ranch
Rock band on weekends...    (1752)

 Temple Ballroom
Concerts, performance art pieces, theatrical performances, or other performance related activities...newly renovated space.    (1753)

 Fado Irish Pub
A killer new menu and our music is more reflective of what you`d hear in Ireland right now as opposed to 20 years ago. Music Wed. & Sun.    (1755)

Don Glenn  Seattle Peace Concerts
Seattle`s Largest and longest running Free Park Concert Series. Since 1981    (1756)

AREA`S NICEST VENUE. Local, regional, national acts. Roomy dance floor, full bar, kitchen, pool tables. Large stage. Pro lights, sound. 2-LOUIE`S is the place for concerts, parties, fun. 800 Capacity. Near Birch Bay.    (1757)

NICE VENUE.Local,regional,national acts.Roomy dance floor,full bar,kitchen,pool tables.BIG STAGE.Pro lights,sound. Great for concerts, parties, fun. 800 Capacity.Blaine address.    (1761)

 Cafe Solstice
Acoustic music, alternative stuff, literary, poetry, discussion groups...    (1762)

The  Red and Black Cafe Collective
Used to be the Flying Saucer Cafe. Now is a collectively owned club. Bands sign up on a sheet. Emphasis is on alt acoustic. Band/performer provides door person, sound. No guarantee, door only.    (1763)

 Community Coffeehouse
Open to people of all ages. Fridays contemporary folk, jazz, bluegrass, Celtic, classical, international, blues or pop. Admission is free, but organizers pass the hat for donations for the musicians.    (1765)

 Acoustic Music Festival
First weekend of August.    (1766)

 Le Voyeur Cafe & Bar
Alt rock, DJ`s, coolness...    (1767)

 Artichoke Music Backgate Stage
Acoustic performances most Fridays and Sundays.    (1768)

Red Lion  Edgewater Lounge
Blues jam every Sunday night. R&B & blues bands on weekends.    (1769)

The  Grape & Bean
Periodic acoustic folk on weekends - solos, duos.    (1770)

 Dodge City Bar & Grill
Weekend live music, rock, country, alt rock. Gambling and full bar.    (1771)

The Theatre At  Meydenbauer Center
Mission is to be the premier community-based performing arts venue in the Pacific Northwest. The facility itself is well fitted with state-of-the-art equipment, attractive dressing rooms and excellent acoustics.    (1772)

 Boogie Woogie`s (Bend)
Regional and national acts throughout the week.    (1773)

 Canby Fine Arts Center

The  B Complex
New venue for electronica/alt rock...    (1775)

 Basta`s Tratoria
Jazz on Wednesdays...    (1776)

 Bitter End
Acoustic singles and duos during week, some bands on weekends.    (1777)

  5th Annual Clatskanie BluegrassFestival
A FREE bluegrass festival in the City Park, Clatskanie,OR.This festival has played OHOP Valley Boys, Sure Fire, KNott Brothers, Soggy Mountain Ramblers, Molly Bloom, Jackstraw and more. PLease join us ..Gotta band?..email me!    (1778)

Benton Center  Corvallis Contra Dances
Corvallis Folklore Society presents contra dances with live musicians 1st & 3rd Sat. of the month. Call for admission info.    (1779)

Benton Center  Corvallis Contra Dances
Corvallis Folklore Society presents contra dances with live musicians and a caller 1st and 3rd Sat`s.Instruction from 7:30-8, dance 8-11+Admission $6, CFS Members/any Folklore members $5No experience or partner needed.Please wear non-street shoes. Kids welcome.    (1780)

 Robert Johnson Festival @ Murphy`s Pub
First week of May annually. Held at Murphy`s Pub and Kane Hall. Tix @ Ticketswest.com    (1781)

 Meadows Lounge
Duos, singles, weeknights and weekends. WARNING: Karaoke, too...    (1782)

Duos, singles on weekends. Variety, country rock, etc.    (1783)

 Restaurant Russia
Trad. Russian music on weekends...    (1784)

 Spencer`s Grill
Classic rock on weekends...    (1785)

 Club 99
Classic rock and old-time rock bands on weekends.    (1786)

 Chicago Blues
Blues & jazz seven nights a week.    (1787)

 Clark`s Restaurant & Bar
Renovated lumber company building in downtown Cannon Beach. Blues and/or rock on weekends. Meals comped. Stage, lights, no sound, stage not carpeted. Large room, approx. 300 capacity.    (1788)

 The Uptown Tavern
Now booking bands!! All types of music!!    (1789)

 Gresham Eagles Lodge
4th Sunday each month country jam 2-7 p.m. Come on down!    (1790)

 VFW Hall
Sun. jam - country - 4 p.m.    (1791)

 Libbey`s Restaurant & Lounge
Trad Jazz jam Tuesdays 7-9.    (1792)

 Cafe Pacific (Sister Joseph Academy)
Variety of music usually on Fridays. Open mike & jam Wed.    (1793)

 Snug Harbor Tavern

The  Italian Riviera
Piano bar, some jazz trios and quartets and special events.    (1795)

 Mongolian Grill & Lounge
DJ Music Wed thru Sat with band for some weekends    (1796)

 Trapper`s - Ramada Inn Rose Quarter
Looking for bands to play Thurs., Fri., Sat. Volume concerns (hotel). Soft rock, danceable, R&B, blues, smooth jazz.    (1797)

 Eden Hall & Side Door Cafe
200 seat meeting - concert - banquet room adjacent to Side Door Café in the Gleneden Station Commercial Complex. We produce music and theatrical entertainment. In addition we provide services for private/public events.    (1798)

 Horsefeathers Brew Pub
Occasional live music, mostly acoustic folk singles/duos.    (1799)

 Rosedale Community Center
A community facility that allows bands to play shows.    (1800)

 .Live Music Solutions Bands,DJs,Karaoke
Live Music Solutions > Bands, DJ`s and Karoke always receive FREE Placement. Email us today!    (1801)

 .Live Music Solutions Bands,DJs,Karaoke
Live Music Solutions > *Band, DJ`s and Karaoke always receive FREE Placement. Email us today!    (1802)


 McMenamin`s Cornelius Pass Road House
Music Thurs.-Sat.    (1804)

 Squaw Mt. Music Festival
August 17-19, 2001 Family Nudist Resort - Clothing Optional Event. Camping available, food service, hot tubs, sauna, swimming, volleyball & just relaxing to the tunes. Reservations recommended for overnight stays. Acoustic Jam Thurs & Sunday evening.    (1805)

 0Test Venue
This is a test venue entry for web design purposes. Please ignore.    (1806)

Bands 3-4 nights a week.    (1807)

 Arts In Nature Festival @ Camp Long
Offers several options for building rentals for events.    (1808)

 Red Lion Hotel Coliseum
Music on weekends, blues jam on Sundays. Blues, R&B mostly.    (1809)

 Mulleady`s Pub
Local bands on weekends. Irish pub.    (1810)

 The Drift Inn
The Drift Inn is looking for many different genres of music for weekend entertainment. Come to the coast and play for us!!    (1811)

Shamrocks!!! if your looking for a venue between Fargo North Dakota and Missoula Montana. 160 ppl compacity enjoys rock, indie rock, alternative, metal, funk. Contact James Hayward and lets put you on the bill!    (1812)

 The Mississippi
Live music Thurs.-Sat., open mike Thurs.    (1813)

 Sherwood Robin Hood Festival
The Sherwood Oregon U.S.A. Robin Hood Festival happens every 3rd full weekend in July. The event is free to the public.    (1814)

 The Lyon`s Den Pub & Eatery
Located in downtown Vernonia, The Lyon`s Den Pub & Eatery is a Great place to stop and grab a bite & a brew, play a little pool or any of the Oregon on-line lottery games. On occasion, they will have live music featuring bands such as Probable Cause.    (1815)

 The Log Cabin
Small venue that has live music on the weekends. Mostly rock. Between Sumner, Lake Tapps and Auburn    (1816)

 The Alamo
The Alamo is a basement venue in Eugene mainly hosting emo/indie/punk/hardcore/metal bands. Capacity is about 100 people, 60 is the average turnout. Currently doing 5-8 shows per month. Please send demo/press kit.    (1817)

 Wooden Nickel
Bands on most weekends. No stage, no PA. Very small space, volume concerns.    (1818)

Music on weekends, small cover. Blues, R&B bands. Tend to book 5-6 months in advance. Trios-Quintets preferred.    (1819)

 The Place
Great venue for music or just to hang out    (1820)

Joy is a small all-ages venue for the living arts. We have live bands, art shows, and miscellany. We are specifically looking for talented bands who have been rejected from other venues for being too "different."    (1821)


 Mountain Shots Espresso
All ages welcome, shows Saturday nights only, free.    (1823)

 Blues Connection
Blues and rock on the weekends. Jam sesssions nightly other days. Beer & pizza. Nice sound system.    (1824)

 Mock Crest Tavern
Blues & fun Wed, Fri, Sat. -- Open Mike/Jam Thursday    (1825)

 White Horse Bar & Grill
Bands Fri./Sat.    (1826)

 The Spot Tavern
Blues, blues rock, classic rock on weekends. No cover. Open 24 hours...    (1827)

 ben moore`s
Dinner Jazz with Heather Hammond and Jerry Heldman    (1828)

 Maryhill Winery


 Dine & Dash Cafe
Laid-back setting in a small town with big city food, blues, & attitude.    (1831)

 Hurricane Cafe Beach Bar

 Industrial Cafe

 the Rain Dancer

 the Rain Dancer

 Snorting Elk

 crystal mountain/Snorting Elk

 the central tavern

 the hopvine

 Queen Of Hearts

 Queen Of Hearts



 Kay`s Bar & Grill
Periodic acoustic blues...    (1844)

 Grove Cantina

 Westside Grill
Bands Th-Sa...    (1846)

 Cheerful Sports Bar - Holiday Inn
Bands on weekends    (1847)

Bands weekends & Sunday. Mostly jazz, some soul, blues and R&B.    (1848)

 Rivers American Grill - Avalon Hotel
Located adjacent to the hotel, this 114-seat riverfront restaurant and bar will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner to both hotel guests and locals    (1849)

 Edgewood Restaurant & Lounge
Country, folk, rock, weekends.    (1850)

 Cada Cafe
Saturday nights music.    (1851)

 Capitol Coffee House
Acoustic jazz, folk, blues weekends.    (1852)

 Private Party
lite jazz and classical    (1853)



 Carver Hangar
Rock bands on weekends... (call before 10 a.m.)    (1856)

 Cheers II
Bands on Fridays. (Monica `talks to the owner`).    (1857)

 Pastimes Sports Bar
Bands on Fr/Sa.    (1858)

 Longhorn Grill & Saloon
(call before noon for Joyce). Blues/Rock bands Sun.-Mon., Wed.-Sat. Blues jam Mondays with Kid Lopez...    (1859)

 Pal Joeys II
Rock bands on weekends. (owner may be at the other Pal Joeys, too)    (1860)

 Copperstone Lounge
Rock bands on weekends.    (1861)

 Bo`s Pub & Eatery
Bands on weekends    (1862)

 88 Hong`s Restaurant
Rock bands on weekends. Roger is the agent (503-317-6567)    (1863)

 Porky`s Pub
Bands on Saturdays. Really small place, but it`s a party.    (1864)

 Rodder`s Lounge & Eatery
Combines laudromat with live music and karaoke...    (1865)

 Golden Star
Rock bands on weekends.    (1866)

 Our Place Pancake House & Lounge
Bands on weekends.    (1867)

 Moby Dick`s
Bands on weekends.    (1868)

 THE COFFEEHOUSE @ tim`s basement
Relaxed, intimate smoke/alcohol free venue. Seats c.50 in main room; 15 in each of 2 glassed in "chat rooms" $2 admin for "bottomless" coffee/tea. "We pass the Hat" for artists. Beveg/snacks available. Family.    (1869)

Flanagan`s is attempting to bring back the local music scene to Anaheim. Flanagan`s is a 21+ night spot ONLY. This means laid back crowds, loud live music and PLENTY of booze to go around! ALL GENRES are welcome, so any bands interested in playing Flanagan`s should contact Amanda Garcia.    (1870)

 Mount Tabor Acoustic Theatre
Mount Tabor Acoustic Theatre is the "other" room in the famoust Mount Tabor Pub. The Acoustic Theatre boasts the best sounding room in Portland and the bands will agree. Don`t let the name fool you; it`s not exclusively acoustic.    (1871)

 Mt. Hood Brewing Pub
Variety of acts Thursday nights...    (1872)

 The West Side Bar & Grill
Player`s venue - Terrific stage! Large room with house PA and Lights. Full service bar including a nice selection of Single Malt Scotch. Great food.    (1873)

Variety of acts most nights of the week.    (1874)

 Blue Note Grill
Blues & jazz bands on weekends, jazz jam Mondays.    (1875)

 Moby Dick`s Seafood & Spirits
Good Music - Good Food Lots of room    (1876)

 Hotel Condon


 Gemmi Pub

 Chicago Blues

 Candelite Room

3rd floor of the UWM dorms/Res.Halls. Stage and NightClub.    (1882)

 Union Theater
Union Theater in UWM`s student Union. the PULSE will rock.    (1883)

 We`re Changing Identities
Our mission is to provide a Christian entertainment venue that focuses on bringing non-Christians to Christ. We`re growing quickly, so jump on soon.    (1884)


 The Axiom
Legendary 80`s punkrock venue reopened! Host variety of artists from rock, alternative, garage, punk, surf, ska, rockabilly and many more.    (1886)

 High Mowing
Smoke and Drink free Coffee house. Seats about 120.    (1887)

 mexicali blues cafe
see the website    (1888)


 Alberta Street Public House

 Anarchy Library
A bar with bands and drinks!    (1891)

 Monteaux`s Public House
Monteaux`s Public House A family owned and operated gathering place with great food, drink, service and conversation.    (1892)

 Cloud Nine

 Doc maynards
350+ venue in downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square...part of a 10 club joint cover. Some larger shows not on joint cover. Books WEEKENDS only...if you can`t pack the house, save your promo pack. NO METAL BANDS    (1894)

 Doc maynards
350+ venue in downtown Seattle, Pioneer Square...part of a 10 club joint cover. Books WEEKENDS only...if you can`t pack the house, save your promo pack. NO METAL BANDS    (1895)

 The King Street Bar & Oven

 The 4th Ave Tavern


 The Roxy
Forget the dull and the drab; inside the real Vancouver flows an electric entertainment scene, a fast lifestyle, and a young, vibrant population who knows what living is all about. The best place to find all of these elements? At the heart of the city`s downtown core, the Roxy.    (1899)

 Mojo`s Restaurant & Bar
Blues and classic rock on weekends. Blues jam on Sundays.    (1900)

 GI Blues Festival
Annual blues festival at the end of September, featuring national and regional acts.    (1901)

 Club 156
Club 156 is an all-ages venue run by Radio 1190 that showcases both touring acts and local acts.    (1902)

 Scarlett Tree

 The Yukon

Blues duos, some bands, low-volume situation.    (1905)

 The Governor`s Cup
Coffee house with a regual live music schedule.    (1906)

 Boccherini`s Coffee & Tea House

 Smokin` Swine Publick House
The Pork Butte Stops Here Carolina "Q" Catfish and Ribs    (1908)

 Smokin` Swine Publick House
The Pork Butte Stops Here Carolina "Q" Catfish and Ribs    (1909)

 Lottie Motts Coffee

 Columbia City BeatWalk
DECEMBER 6th, COLUMBIA CITY`S HOLIDAY BEATWALK Live music is featured at all of the venues and a joint cover of $5 dollars gets you into all spots.    (1911)

 The Bar w/No Name

 Green House Cafe
A great little coffee house/cafe in Salem, the food is extraordinary and the service is the best.    (1913)

 Kaitlyn ni Donovan
every wed 6:30 to 8:00pm Conans pub 39th SE Hawthorne Dec.27th delta cafe 10:00pm kait brings out the strings viola violin mandolin covers Randy Newman`s "I`ll be home" on ukelele presents songs featured on upcoming album    (1914)

 The Stork Club

 Port Halling Brewery
Portland main blues bands Th-Sa    (1916)

 Horseshoe Pub & Grub
Blues & rock bands on Saturdays--early - 7-11PM. Breakfast, lunch and dinner.    (1917)

 RanchHouse Bar & Grill
Blues/Rock bands on weekends    (1918)

 Wooden Nickel Pub & Eatery
Blues, bluegrass on weekends. Cajun menu    (1919)

 Gateway Pub
Blues/rock bands on weekends. Biker friendly    (1920)

 Bookies Sports Bar
R&B and funk bands 4 nights a week. Stage, lights, house sound. Gymnasium acoustics.    (1922)

 The Gig

 Multnomah Friends Hall
Muriel Anderson and Alexander Green in Concert Fri Jan 31 Portland, OR 7:30pm - 10pm Multnomah Friends Hall 4312 S.E. Stark Street Portland, OR 97215 Info: (541) 689-9248 keiko5@earthlink.net    (1924)

Tres Cool Lounge    (1925)

 The Catwalk Club

 The Beach Club
With: CA`s Thought Riot    (1927)

 Charlie`s Tavern

 The New Paris Theatre

 Buddy`s Sports Bar

 Kim`s Restaurant & Nightclub
Newest hot spot in Seattle. Grand Opening - Friday, March 28, 2003 Directions: From I5 take I90 to Exit #3 (Rainier Ave S). Take a right on Rainier Ave S. Go 1 1/2 blocks (through 1 light) right after Oboy Oberto Factory, take a right. Red building is Kim`s!    (1931)

 Kim`s Restaurant & Nightclub
Directions: Take I5 to I90 - Take Exit #3 (Rainier Ave S) go 1 1/2 blocks south on Rainier Ave. Take a right after the Oboy Oberto Factory on your right. Kim`s is the Red building in Lights!    (1932)

 Jack Rabbit`s
Awesome local Jacksonville bar that nightly hosts local and national bands    (1933)

 The Voodoo Lounge
Rocking local Jacksonville club    (1934)

 2nd Ave Pizza

 The Woodshed

 Rock `n` Roll Pizza

 Albany Farmers Market

 Albany Farmers Market

Now Accepting Submissions from up and coming Artists to Showcase their material to Top Producers, A&R Managers, Publishers, and Major Record Labels. FREE to the first 50 Artists to respond!!!    (1940)

 Rock 4 Reason Presents
We rule the night! In all seriousness though playing here rocks. Bands get paid fairly and the turnouts are strong. If your coming through drop us a line and we`d love to help you out! Also check out our website for a full scene report.    (1941)

 Rock 4 Reason Presents
We rule the night! In all seriousness though playing here rocks. Bands get paid fairly and the turnouts are strong. If your coming through drop us a line and we`d love to help you out! Also check out our website for a full scene report.    (1942)

 rock 4 reason presents
We rule the night! In all seriousness though playing here rocks. Bands get paid fairly and the turnouts are strong. If your coming through drop us a line and we`d love to help you out! Also check out our website for a full scene report.    (1943)

 Biddy McGraw`s
The most authentic Irish pub in Portland, Biddy`s is the #1 Guinness retailer in the Pacific Northwest. The owners hail from Belfast and their staff serve traditional Irish fare & a perfect pour with genuine Irish accents & charm.    (1944)

 Club Culture
all age nonalcoholic venue in Chester New York with about 20 bands a week performing punk, hardcore, metal, indie, emo. screamo. etc., etc., about one hour north NYC and 1 1/2 hours south of Albany.for booking email info@clubcultureny.com    (1945)

 South Side Speak Easy Brew Pub

 Mt. Hood Autumn Fesival
SEPT. 19,20&21, 2003 Featured Artist: Elvin Bishop Misguided Soul Band Al Rowe Project Tony Coleman Michael Williams Patty Allen Nick Vigarino John Nemeth Duffy Bishop Band Blues Broads Little Bill Engelhart Dick Powell    (1947)

 Muddy Waters Coffee Co.

 The Rabbit Hole

 Mary S. Young State Park

 Riley`s Cafe
We are a small cafe in downtown Issaquah. We are looking for Blues, Folk, Celtic, Jazz, Swing, Bluegrass, Acoustic and, other types of musicians and bands. We serve beer and wine and do allow and encourge families to bring younger children so that they may be exposed to the world of good music.    (1951)

 The Matrix coffee house
an eclectic mix of rock, folk, blues, experimental, ethnic, and anything else thats good!    (1952)

CASPIAN GRILL --- Phone:(206) 524-3434 Seattle 5517 University Way NE    (1953)

 Salty"s on the Columbia
The Mel Brown Trio / Jof Lee-piano Ed Bennett-bass Mel Brown-drums    (1954)

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